Live and Learn

Carol A. Hand


If we take time to look around

we may notice something mysterious

that we missed before

in our preoccupying busyness

believing that what we were doing

was more important

than being present in the moment

to witness the wondrous diversity of life

and learn something we didn’t know before

about other beings who share the world


A fascinating visitor (American Pelecinid Wasp) – August 22, 2018


P.S. – I’m still on my break from blogging, but my muse insisted that I share this post today after seeing the little wasp again. Her return visit reminded me about the photo I took a couple days ago when I first saw her on my side step. She waited patiently for me to grab my iphone and take a number of pictures. I meant to see if I could learn more about her then, but there is always something else that needs doing. This morning, she was walking over the moist ground in my backyard, a gift from last night’s rain, and then flew up with her tiny wings and sat on a bent fern. Her return inspired me to discover more about her and share what I learned.

Snow and Childhood Memories

Carol A. Hand

Frigid air and fluffy snow
Grateful there’s no place I need to go
What’s the wisest choice today?
Instead of whining, go out and play

Reach out and gather fallen star-flakes
Behold tiny miracles – that’s really all it takes
Although the sparkling crystals will soon disappear
joyful memories of winters past will return year after year


Memories from Allendale, NJ - 1957
Memories from Allendale, NJ – 1957


Sending peaceful winter blessings to all



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