The project ‘CUT OFF’ of IMPREINT – and its social reflections

Judit Paal – Guest Author

I’ve been following the artist IMPREINT since I participated in his projectPortraitsand I always find fascinating how he arrives to involve the people through his artworks leaving them also the opportunity to participate and be involved.


CUT OFF January 13 at 9:00 am – Courtesy of IMPREINT

In the last project ‘CUT OFF‘ two things particularly catch my attention. The first one is the choice of the title: short, immediate, radical even hard. It talks about homelessness, about homeless people. But we don’t see them on the photo, because they are cut off from the photo, like they are cut off from the society. But in the project, I don’t see them like this: they are treated with respect and dignity, moreover, by not showing anyone personally he talks about every one of them.

The second is the challenge that he proposes to both sides: the society and the homeless. I wonder, will the people on the wealthy side ever give a helping hand to the less fortunate and give them opportunities via education and other instruments, and accept that through these, others can be equal or even more powerful? And will the homeless people have the force to stand up and transform their lives adapting new rules?

IMPREINT Cut off (1)

CUT OFF 11/52 – Courtesy of IMPREINT

I like also the metaphor of the cardboard, it gives us a divisive sentence and lets us choose how we construe it. Do we read it and think this person really dreams about the luxury that an expensive restaurant has to offer, or do we read it as an allegory of a desire of someone who has taken the first step by his side and would like an opportunity to take the second?

There are many things to think about when looking at CUT OFF, things to realise and others to question, and reason how we could participate not necessarily in this project but in taking our part in helping and sharing more with the others.

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A Little About Judit Paal:
Judit Paal is from Hungary. She is interested in social environments and human rights in her community. She has collaborated with the artist IMPREINT to organise one of the ‘Save me’ workshops in a school of children with disability.

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