Reflections about “Art”

Carol A. Hand

Approach the art of creating
as a sacred ceremony
emerging from spirit
as a path
for honoring and celebrating life
knowing deep in our hearts
intentions matter


Raindrops And The White Rose, by Audrey from Central Pennsylvania, USA (5 August 2006) – Wikimedia – Creative Commons


Loving thoughts will vibrate
in whatever we create
long after we are gone
as the essence of light and new possibilities
like the scent of rain and roses
and the peace of sun-kissed pine
blessing all those who follow


Endings are never easy for me. They signal times of transition. Yet, as I walked to my car Saturday after my last class of the semester, I had a sudden realization. Regardless of my circumstances, I have always found ways to express creativity. The subjects and media changed based on what was close at hand. Sewing, singing, drawing, studying pond-life under my microscope, making pottery, hooking rugs, tying macramé art, knitting, gardening. Learning about life and crafting useful things that were colorful and well-made proved to be a form of peaceful meditation. I could daydream and reflect. My spirit needed to express creativity. It gave me a quiet space to think and time to breathe love into being.

Under different conditions, I worked with people, developing innovative programs and experimenting with different ways of supervising staff, evaluating programs, conducting research, and teaching.

Creating living art, if you will, is like building sand castles that dissolve in the waves of time. Gaining fame and fortune was never the goal. The only legacies my “art” left were the interventions and projects others believed they had created (and in reality, they were essential and made it possible) and the memories for me of what had been possible to create in the past.

During times of transition, I have learned to ask myself a crucial question. Why not create again, and again, in each new now with whatever opportunities and media are available? There are grandchildren to love, gardens to revitalize, and endless issues to ponder and thoughtfully address in creative ways.

The privilege to dream of possibilities is accompanied by the responsibility to work toward their realization. I don’t claim it’s an easy choice. I have no power to change others who don’t seem to be able to see and honor the wonder and beauty of life. Despite the deep sorrow that accompanies witnessing disrespect and destruction and the seeming futility of giving voice to the art of change, I still believe simple caring actions matter. I’m just not sure what form that will take for me in the coming days…


Sun-Kissed Pine – May 11, 2018


Do You Ever Have a Doodle Day?

Carol A. Hand

My granddaughter’s frequent visits inspire me to draw and doodle. I’m always surprised that she doesn’t realize how gifted she is as an artist. She often tells me that she wants to learn how to draw people, animals, and other things that look “real.”

During her last visit, she wanted me to show her how to draw hands. (Funny, given our last name…) I told her that it’s not an easy thing to do! But she tried, anyway.

One of her earlier attempts was sitting on my desk where it joined the pile of scraps that are expediently handy for taking notes or doodling while I’m on the phone. The hands of her figures were left undone, and I let them stay that way.

I loved the shapes she drew of people and added a few details – a collaborative, playful inter-generational creation. I decided to post our version of art, although my photos don’t really do it justice.

doodle 3

Drawing: Ava S. Hand Johnson & Carol A. Hand

Her artwork fascinates me. I hope that her creative originality won’t be lost to the normalizing judgement of what constitutes “good art.” Work that inspires others to join in the process of joyful creation is a gift. And her work never fails to bring a smile to my face. Thank you, my dear granddaughter, for the beauty and joy you bring into my life.


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