Voting Day Reflections -11/08/22

November 8, 2022 – voting day

for the most contentious race I’ve witnessed

My thoughts are with you, my grandchildren


Dear grandson, now the age I was

when your mother was born

you’ve survived the isolation of Covid lockdown,

the sorrow of losses – health, family, friends,

and the angst of peer pressure and teen hormones


Dear granddaughter, sweet Little Rose,

now taller than me and fearless as you learn how to drive

stoking my fears that you’ll drive like I once did –

something I’m unlikely to ever tell you

hoping you’ll make wiser and safer choices


The only armor I can offer you both

is a simple phrase – SENDING LOVE

dear grandson, dear granddaughter

I voted for candidates I sincerely hope

will prove to be courageous and trustworthy

when it comes to crafting a future world

where your mother and both of you

will find kindness, love, laughter,

and a sense of fulfillment

during long lives well-lived



20 thoughts on “Voting Day Reflections -11/08/22

  1. Such a beautiful family, Carol. I only wish voting made a difference in a world where it’s so easy to rig elections. As the saying goes, “If voting really made a difference it would be outlawed.”

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    1. Thank you for sharing your kind words and thoughtful observations, Art. I don’t have a lot of hope for national elections, but there are some very promising local or state folks with a proven record on a range of important issues. Some have been successful “crossing the aisle” to build partnerships on key issues like protecting water. Others risked their positions by taking a stand on police violence. It was interesting to see the voter turnout here in Duluth. I live across the street from the church where people in my neighborhood vote. It was unusually busy all morning but peaceful.

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  2. Nice picture of family happiness, Carol. Amidst this happy setting, I note with concern the anxious reference to your voting in the US midterm election (foreboding possibility of Republican victory and their consequent greater control of Senate and House of Representatives). Let politics take its course. Be well..

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    1. Hearing from you is always a gift, Raj. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments. All one can do in challenging times is to try to be fully present, holding center with compassion, patience, integrity, a bit of humor, and gratitude for life’s many gifts. Sending my best wishes to you. 💜


  3. Wonderful photo and thoughts. You have done well. Those youngsters are as fearless as we once were and as determined, smarter than we are now, they are going to make things better, guaranteed.

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  4. I wish the same for your grandchildren as I do for mine, Carol. May our government swing again toward a vision of the future that honors the next generations, and may the world we leave them be filled with kindness, fairness, and an opportunity to make their dreams come true. ❤

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  5. Hello, Carol, greetings from Cymru. The words of your post glow with warmth and sincerity, warming the cockles of the hearts of all who read them. It’s nice to see you all looking so well. Best wishes; take care.

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    1. It’s so delightful to hear from you, Mick. Thank you so much for your kind and lovely comments, and for teaching me something new. I’m grateful to know the way the people of Cymru refer to their ancestral homeland. (And I’m grateful for the technology that helped me learn pronunciation.) Sending my gratitude and best wishes to you. 💜

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