Just Curious

What I learned from my research changed me

Everyone I met had a story to tell

but few if any had someone to listen

deeply, intently, without judging

to the fascinating kaleidoscope

of differing experiences and views

And it led me to wonder –

Would the world be different if more people learned to be listeners?

Just curious …


I realized, too, that a researcher’s role is to listen

but now, as a writer, I have many stories to share

including my own as a seeker, listener, and recorder –

a sacred re-search for a deeper understanding of our collective journey

and I’m just curious …

Who will listen to the stories – deeply, intently, without judging?

A humble weathered hollyhock – a captured moment in the life of a simply beautiful resilient living being

22 thoughts on “Just Curious

    1. Ah, Skywalker, I’m not surprised that we share similar insights. And speaking of email, I know my reply to yours is terribly belated. Please accept my sincere apology. It’s harvest time and I’ve been churning out edited chapters one after another and then, cleaning up endnotes, a tedious process. But the first half of the manuscript is edited and “good enough” for now. I’ve begun editing the second half. It’s hard for me to write much when I’m focused on this task and harvesting before snow arrives tomorrow, Sending gratitude and love, dear friend. I’ll be in touch soon. 💜

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  1. Dear Carol, your ‘just curious’ and ‘August farewell 2022’ are both enjoyable reads. The family pics have come out nicely, presenting a delightful homestead. I look forward to reading your book. Please let me know when it hits the market. Be well and happy.

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    1. It’s so delightful to hear from you, Raj. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful post about those who have worked toward social justice in various venues, hope all is going well for you and your family. It will be a while before I’m finished editing, but I have passed the halfway point. Sending my gratitude for your kindness along with my best wishes. 💜


  2. Hi Carol, interesting questions. The world would be undoubtedly different with more listeners. That’s the short answer. The long answer, most people are not listening. They are busy with their own thoughts. It’s not their fault. The long answer should include how to navigate a world without people who won’t or can’t listen. It’s important that happens, because it will free people from victimhood. Malcolm X said much about not depending on oppressors to get it right, he said it was important to rise above without help. It is hard. Brutal even. To think people who don’t give a shit will ever come to their senses. It is more important to prepare people you love to walk in the world with these shortcomings. It’s tough. This talk is more suited for a smudge instead of the bright campfires we are used to. Take care.

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    1. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful insights, Bob. Although I agree with Malcom X’s perspective, I’ve always found myself in between cultures – a translator or boundary-spanner. My study put me there, too. It’s a tough place to be. As Rupert Ross, an Assistant Crown Attorney, observed, when you bridge cultures, you can expect to get stepped on from both sides. It’s both a gift and a burden to see good people who could find common ground if only they took time to listen to each other…

      Funny, I was just thinking about sending you an email. My response to your comments (and others) on my August post is terribly belated. I wanted to see if you really are interested in reading the edited draft of the manuscript thus far. I’ve finished the first half (parts 1 & 2), and have started editing part 3. I’ve been working on it most days, but it’s harvest time, too. We got our first dusting of snow last night, so there’s plenty of garden and yardwork to do. But my freezer is already filled, and two plastic tubs of carrots are in the refrigerator, so I’m set for the winter and maybe the spring as long as we have electricity.

      I do wish we could talk around a campfire. I would love to hear your thoughts about the stories in the book. I found them fascinating and thought-provoking. In fact, I thought of asking you if you would be willing to take a photo of people around a campfire telling stories for the cover of the book. And now that that it’s beginning to snow, it will soon be storytelling time for the Ojibwe.

      Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts, kindness, and wisdom. 💜


  3. Thank you for sharing!.. to add to your question; does one actually hear what one is listening to or does it go in one ear and out the other… in order to gather more memories and gather knowledge I need to listen and share with others like you… 🙂

    Until we meet again…
    May the dreams you hold dearest
    Be those which come true
    May the kindness you spread
    Keep returning to you
    (Irish Saying)

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  4. Lovely poem/thoughts.
    And so true.
    A statement someone once made has always been my go-to: Everyone in the world knows at least one thing that no one else does.

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