Reflections on the Last Day of June 2022

This morning I open my heart to gratitude

and find I’m not disappointed

June 30 2022 2

June 30 2022 1

witnessing impossibly tiny late bloomers

June 30 2022 3

and those still valiantly emerging

despite too many obstacles to name

June 30 2022

life in living color

June 30 2022 4a

despite the illusion of meaningful connections

and forces of darkness

that threaten all of us these days

helping me remember the gifts

that come from being present

June 30 2022 5


Inspired by morning observations and Maria Popova’s depth and eloquence:

“Lives interweave with other lives, and out of the tapestry arise hints at answers to questions that raze to the bone of life: What are the building blocks of character, of contentment, of lasting achievement? How does a person come into self-possession and sovereignty of mind against the tide of convention and unreasoning collectivism? …” The Marginalian

45 thoughts on “Reflections on the Last Day of June 2022

    1. Hearing from you is such a delight, Pat! I have missed you and your posts and am deeply grateful to hear from you! Your kind words are always a gift.

      Sending hugs and well-wishes across the big pond dear, dear friend. 💜


  1. Such a beautiful family portrait and how they’ve grown! Your hard work is blossoming brightly too. I loved “tide of convention and unreasoning collectivism? …” It so clearly explains what’s happening in this country. But as you say, revel in the beauty and blessings of the moments we have with loved ones and the good in life. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

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    1. Ah, thank you so much for your kind words, UM, and for watching the video! 💜

      (I wanted to give people an option, so I just posted a link to the video rather than “embedding” it. It seems no one watches videos when they’re embedded, anyway 😂).

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        1. 😂 I couldn’t resist videotaping the poppies and phlox dance during their very short time in full bloom, I wasn’t sure how the tape would turn out just using my phone, but one never learns without taking risks. 💜

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  2. A beautiful reflection, Carol. I’m not surprised to learn you read Maria Popova. I enjoy her Marginalian messages so much. I find so much inspiration in them. Blessings to you for more color in your world, even as our world feels dark and colorless. 💜

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, lovely comments, Carrie,. Blessings to you, too, dear kind friend. 💜

      Maria Popova’s work is always a gift, as are your thought-provoking, lovely posts.

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  3. Dear Carol,

    I am not sure if you will get this comment (WP system seems to be marking my comments as spam…) but thank you for sharing more of your reflections and deep thoughts. It is so hard to remain positive in today’s world, but reading messages like yours remind me we all can do our part. The family portrait is beautiful.

    All my best always,

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and lovely comments, Takami. Hearing from you is always a gift. I am so grateful for your continuing kindness and for the chance to view your inspiring and beautiful photos.

      Your comment was in the spam filter. I’m not sure why WP does that for some friends, but I do moderate all comments before they post. When I first started blogging, I had to turn on the feature to moderate all comments, even from friends. Although I welcome comments from others who don’t share my perspective, my early posts on Native American issues attracted a few trolls. I decided it was wiser to screen comments before they posted to my site to minimize misinformation and meanness. Of late, it’s also prevented spammers from taking over my site. I’ve had to close comments on most pages and all posts after 40 days to avoid dealing with hundreds of spam messages.

      The blogging world has changed! Those changes make me even more grateful for friends who are kind and supportive. I am honored to count you among them and send my gratitude and best wishes to you. 💜

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      1. Dear Carol,
        Thank you so much for kindly rescuing my comment from the spam pile. I completely understand and empathize your situation, and your decision to screen all comments first.

        As you say, the world (and blogging world) has changed and continued to change, but I am honored to have your friendship, and you will always have a warm supporter in Japan.

        Best wishes,

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  4. How beautiful, Carol… yes, we are never disappointed when there are so many lovely things to be grateful for, and reflections help us see things in a better perspective. 🙏💕🌻

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    1. It’s good to hear from you, Bob! Yes, the there are two kinds of kale, and it is huge, as is the chard. I have harvested some chard already and have more I should harvest, but I’ve been too busy editing and re-editing. I have two readers giving me feedback as I make my way slowly through chapters. They’re teaching me how to tell an understandable, interesting story. Editing takes a lot of time, so I decided not to post anything new on my blog and will not be teaching this fall so I can focus on finishing the manuscript.

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