Remember Humility


you are special

I’m not telling you this to boost your ego

too often you discount your own gifts

it’s a way to shirk the responsibility

you agreed to carry this lifetime

by convincing yourself you’re unworthy


you will know when it’s your time to speak or remain silent

find strength in simplicity and moments of beauty and laughter

to help you stay the course in times of loneliness and doubt


when you walk into the crowded room today to testify

before strangers, friends, and foes,

media, spectators, and decision-makers

I will be there to help you find the words

to touch hearts and open minds to wiser possibilities


it’s not your job to make those changes

it’s just your job to help others realize

they have choices and abilities to lead

what they choose is not your burden

though it will weigh on your heart nonetheless


remember april 25 2022

23 thoughts on “Remember Humility

  1. Thank you for these kind and helpful thoughts, Carol. I particularly like how the last two lines resonate so deeply:

    “what they choose is not your burden

    though it will weigh on your heart nonetheless”

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  2. Amen! Though it may stick in our throat, or draw sweat from the palms of our hands, tremble on the surface of our skin, cause the hair on our neck to bristle or the nerves in our eyes to quiver and our guts to churn. No matter what!

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