Shifting Weather

April 18, 2022


1:01 AM (natural light)



9:45 AM



7:50 PM

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    1. It’s always good to hear from you, Skywalker. It’s interesting to hear about your weather, too. I think we have a bit more snow in the forecast here and more nights below freezing, It seems like such a long wait for spring, but I think that’s been true every year that I’ve lived here (fall/2011-spring/2022). Sending hugs and best wishes! 💜

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  1. Nice series of photos! Looks like a rabbit was enjoying the snow in the nighttime. Your garden beds will do well by the precipitation. Take care.

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    1. Thank you, Bob. The spring moisture is a welcome gift. The past two springs were so dry, many bushes struggled. This winter, the rabbits ate most of them, including all of the new raspberry canes that would have borne fruit. Time will tell what will survive.

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  2. Lovely photos, Carol. The ever-mutating color of the sky. The best show on the planet. 🙂 We almost never get snow in Oregon and we got a foot last week (after an 80-degree day). Shifting weather for sure. Happy Spring.

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