Reflections July 12, 2021

On the homeward stretch

of my solitary morning walk today

I saw two young women walking their dogs


Words I heard a month ago

given voice by a lonely soul

came to mind

“I used to walk my dog…”


I used to walk my dog, too

For the third day, I am walking alone

not knowing what to do with my empty hands

They used to hold my little dog’s leash


for Pinto 1


Some days I have followed the familiar routes he chose

other days, I have expanded my horizons

remembering our times together as I walk

with both sorrow and deep gratitude

for the wounded soul who trusted me to care

despite a previous life of abandonment and abuse


I used to walk my dog

Now I walk to give thanks for our time together

and will continue to explore old places and new

with a different perspective that he helped me discover


for Pinto 3


For my Beloved Companion, Pinto

Born September, 2010 – Adopted October 29, 2013 – Died July 9, 2021

47 thoughts on “Reflections July 12, 2021

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  1. I am so glad you had each other for those many precious years, Carol, and that he had the experience of a loving home after being abused and abandoned. I know from experience how strange it seems to walk alone,
    no leash in hand, after years of walking together and I too am grateful for the time I did have with my beloved Toby. Pinto and Toby live on in our cherished memories.

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  2. Oh Carol, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Pinto. I loved watching you walk with him..his tail high and moving side to side like a proud banner.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Marie, and for sharing your experiences and insights. Taking time to grieve the loss of beloved companions is so important. 💜


    1. Thank you so much for your kindness, Ken. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. It feels so strange to follow the same neighborhood sidewalks alone. So far, I haven’t cried during my walks, but I do when I walk in the door of the house. I automatically look down to make sure I won’t step on him because he was always eagerly awaiting my return if I went out without him. Then, I remember he’s not here and will never be here again. But I am grateful that he is no longer suffering. Sending hugs and my best wishes to you. 💜

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  3. Oh, Carol. I feel so sad for your loss. I know Pinto was such an important part of your life. The days ahead will be challenging, as you continue to see your beloved companion everywhere. I send you my heartfelt condolences as you move through the days, weeks and months ahead. Blessings of love and healing to you my friend. 💜

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  4. Oh Carol! I am so very sad to hear about your sweet Pinto!! Losing a furry friend is most definitely one of the hardest things to go through in life. Sending lots of love and heart healing your way. ❤️

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  5. Such a grief which is hard to articulate. Just looking at photos of two of our past dogs and feeling the pain years, decades later. So special, how lovely that you have retraced the relationship in your steps Carol.

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  6. Tusba, the capital of the Urartian Kingdom, is now inside the city of Van, Turkey. This city is also famous for its one eye blue one eye green white cats, called Van cats, maybe you know, my dear earthling friend, Carol. A 3000-year-old dog skeleton was found during archaeological excavations there. I remember what made this dog skeleton different from other excavations in the world was that it was buried under the house next to the other family members. This dog was most likely the first domesticated dog that lived in the home with human members. The dogs are living species that has been in most close contact with the human species for 3000 years and that almost now understands the human language the best (both bodily and verbally). I think this 3000 years of domestication and living under the same roof with humans offers the dogs a closer understanding even more than humans to humans. Because people can differ a lot from each other culturally. But the same dog sees an Asian and a European in the same category, and shows the same affinity to the both; as just human that is a great friend of them.

    Dear Carol, in short, I want to say this. It is not a coincidence that we feel close to them, and we are very happy with their presence and have big sadness by their loss. WD and I are really saddened… In the name of our at least 3000 year good friendship with them, I know Pinto’s place will always be special to you. And, for him and for you, I’ll raise a toast this evening in honor of all the years of good friendship between you! Sleep and rest under the star lights, dear Pinto!

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    1. Dear Migo and WD, thank you so much for sharing such a lovely history about dogs. They are sometimes the truest friends and the most beloved of companions. Your kindness brought healing tears that I needed to let fall for the little friend that no longer needs to breathe the smoky summer air that brought him so much pain and fear. Chi miigwetch, dear friends, for sharing your blessing for him. 💜

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  7. am so sorry for your loss. i know how it feels, having lost kobe, my loyal, loving german shepherd, who was with me for 11 years. keep his thoughts alive as you walk, for truly, he walks with you even if only in spirit.

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