Early February Reflections – 2021

Windchimes sing out a musical warning

“don’t trust the promise of the morning sun

sparkling on crusted windblown snow

the Siberian winds bring brutal cold

testing life’s endurance here below”


13 thoughts on “Early February Reflections – 2021

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    1. Thank you, dear friend. Staying warm is easier said then done these days. It’s been below freezing (F) here for a while – I lost track of how long it’s been below zero with wind that makes it feel so much colder – and it’s predicted to stay that way until next week! I hope you are staying safe, too! Sending my best wishes. 💜

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  1. What a wonderful weather report.
    Tubularsock put on a parka just reading about it.

    Any slight mention of Siberian winds and
    Tubularsock heads for the fireplace and
    climbs into it ….. warmer that way.

    It is beautiful but Tubularsock is very happy
    living this experience through you, Carol.

    Stay safe and warm.

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    1. It’s so good to hear from you, dear Tube, in these times when atmospheric rivers and Siberian blasts remind us there are a lot of things we can’t control. We can still send each other kind words, though. Thank you so much for sending yours. May you stay safe and warm (or cool?), too. 💜

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