An Almost Wordless Wednesday

A Walk Through My Neighborhood …




12 thoughts on “An Almost Wordless Wednesday

    1. Thank you, Ron. Hearing from you is always a gift.

      Every morning when I walk my dog these days, I notice so many lovely things I didn’t pay attention to before. It seemed important to share such creative, lovely artwork, before it dissolves in the next rain,,

      Sending my best wishes. 💜

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions, Skywalker. Much of the neighborhood is lovely, although not all… On our daily walks, Pinto and I see so many creative chalk creations on the sidewalks. I would guess it’s something children have time to do now because they’re not in school. I wanted to take photos of a few today before the rains wash them away…

      Sending my best wishes to you, 💜

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    1. It’s so good to hear from you, too, Rosaliene. Teaching this past semester has been overwhelming. Only one-third of my students were able to complete the course before grades were due early this week. Even so, I was buried in papers that required me to read original sources to make sense of what they were trying to communicate. I am waiting to be buried once again when late papers arrive from the rest of the students! The only breaks have been my two daily walks with my dog. I let him choose which way to go on our first morning walk and only head back home when he begins to look tired. So often, I have wished I could take photos of sights we pass in our travels, but that’s not something he would tolerate. Yesterday, I decided to go out again to take a few photos. I wanted to capture some of the amazingly creative sidewalk art before it disappeared in the rain that was imminent!

      It felt important to show a different side of life in lock-down that may disappear when we’re all too busy to remember to take time to witness and/or create beauty, even if it’s only temporary and free for anyone to see.

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    1. Dear Trace, it was a beautiful gift to connect with you today and hear your lovely voice. Thank you so much for your kind words, dear friend, Sending gratitude and love. 💜


    1. I love it, too, Sha’Tara. I often wish I could take photos of it when I walk my dog, but that’s not possible. On the day I first saw these, though, I went back out to take photos before the promised and long-awaited rain, knowing they would disappear like many of the other beautiful chalk creations we saw in our travels around the neighborhood.

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