The Power of Humor

I just couldn’t resist sharing a bit of humor in the face of the present tragic times. Normally, I abhor ad hominem attacks. Sometimes, though, there doesn’t seem to be any other way to confront overwhelming destructive power…

“The Liar Tweets Tonight” by Roy Zimmerman and the ReZisters

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  1. Hello Carol, yes this has done the rounds of social media here in the UK too, but nowhere near as much as disinfectant jokes. I fear we are in a similar position with our current leader who has been absent for several weeks having had Corona-19 himself but like Putin, he is already well known for delegating while he goes off somewhere nice to enjoy himself. Not on this occasion obviously. So I try to maintain a healthy sense of humour, I`d go bonkers otherwise. Rock on and keep the faith. Much love from across the ocean. Helen. xx

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    The only problem is there is nobody else worth voting for ………… an OLD empty box or a deranged lunatic!

    And people have the nerve to “believe” this is the best leadership this country can muster?

    Tubularsock says: BURN IT DOWN!

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  3. Carol, Tubularsock thanks you for your attempt at cheering Tubularsock up a bit. Very, very kind.

    Both of these videos have made Tubularsock laugh aloud as Tubularsock straps his dynamite vest on to go out this evening and tend to business. Even as the government’s agents attempt to hinder Tubularsock’s movements with all this shelter in place business.

    The legal way around all this business is to dress as a turtle thereby carrying Tubularsock’s shelter with him! Cleaver yes?

    It was coyote’s idea.

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