Signs of These Times

Carol A. Hand

Greeting the morning
as another fighter jet roars overhead
in the periodic practice flights
to stay ever-ready for battle


Watching moving afternoon shadows
glide over the snow-laden garden
as my neighbor’s flag moves
rhythmically with the wind
blocking the southwestern light
from the long-awaited winter sun
emphasizing the precariousness
of these troubled times
when killing for power, oil, flag, and country
is easier than conflict resolution and diplomacy


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Let the voices of children touch our hearts
and their dreams for their future point to way


(Heal the World (by Michael Jackson) – kids artist)

26 thoughts on “Signs of These Times

  1. Bad days we are living through now with a president who is the worst we have ever had, or could even imagine having. And you and I both know, because we have lived through it, this is saying a lot.

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  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I clearly remember writing such poetry (some of which remain in my files) as a teen in the 60’s, and singing similar anti-war songs, attending protest rallies and sit-ins, desperate to end a vicious, pointless, utterly racist war – Vietnam at the time – and here we are again, going full bore into another utterly pointless, murderous, totally racist war to kill innocents and profit the war industry.

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    1. Thank you for your comments, Trace. This was one of the poems that came to me and would not let me rest until I wrote it down and posted it. The message felt too timely and important for me to ignore… (I had planned on working on the syllabi and online content for the 2 classes I’m teaching that begin in less than 2 weeks! As a procrastinator with lots of practice, though, there’s still time to get them done.)

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  3. I feel as others here do and cannot add anything, as they have captured it for me. On this day, a snowy one here, the darkness pervades my being. Yet, I know that remaining hopeful (while honoring my despair), especially in the face of all of the death and destruction on our planet now, is the best I can do to offer support and remain connected to the loving energy which is in the hearts of so many more of us. 💔❤️

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    1. Thank you for sharing the challenges of balancing “reality” with what we know could be with such eloquence, Carrie. I often think of Parker Palmer’s description – “life in the tragic gap.” To feel the suffering and witness the cruelty around us and still do what we can to breathe a little kindness into the world is not an easy task. Yet I see you transform suffering into wisdom repeatedly in your posts. 💜

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      1. Oh…dear Carol. Thank you for your kind words. I often wonder what my offer to the world is. You have just offered me something I had not fully considered. I am deeply grateful for this. You are a very wise woman…and I’m honored to benefit from your wisdom. 💕

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Chatou. The children are amazingly gifted singers with a most important message. Sadly, too many in power don’t seem to care about the mess they are creating for the next generations.


  4. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, lovely comments, Saadia. How I wish there were more adults who would listen to children’s songs and dreams of peace and work to help their dreams come true. 💜


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