Reflections about Resilience – November 3, 2019

Carol A. Hand

Blindsided yet again by evil

that has come with an intensity

I’m not sure my aching heart can bear it


But I have walked this path before


“Walk tall anyway,” I told myself then,

“Truth will prevail in time

if you show compassion, patience,

and integrity


Keep in mind the advice you give

Seek solutions that promote healing

rather than those that punish

Remember what you focus on

and the lens you look through

affect what you see and do



13 thoughts on “Reflections about Resilience – November 3, 2019”

  1. I’m so sorry you are being tested yet again. I don’t like the word “evil” but these days there’s often no other word to capture the sheer malevolence of certain people. Forgiveness probably won’t redeem that person but will keep you sane! Stay well.

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  2. “Seek solutions that promote healing rather than those that punish” — this jumped out at me because I think I need punishment (of the perpetrator) in order to make progress in healing. Having both compassion and justice at the same time ain’t so easy…

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  3. This poem tugs at my heart. When the journey seems uphill, and I am not sure if I am up for this challenge, the thought that I have been here before… all seems too familiar. I have been there, and I have thought this thought before. Thank you for this beautiful post.

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