Reflections – August 21, 2019

Carol A. Hand

Dear Billie,
You are in my thoughts today
Perhaps it’s because the cup
you brought as a gift
on your visit to Montana
more than a decade ago
is holding the coffee I’m drinking
on this sunny August afternoon



I miss you
and I know your daughter,
my beloved granddaughter, does too
I’m not sure if you can see
how kind and beautiful she is now
I promise to remind her
what a thoughtful loving father you were



I send you thoughts of love and joy
May your spirit soar peacefully
like the eagle on the gift cup
that always reminds me of you
a kind and generous young man
who was deeply loved by all
who had the honor of knowing you
in the short time you were here


41 thoughts on “Reflections – August 21, 2019

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  1. Carol, it’s good to be a grandparent. We get to be a step back, know the score and smooth things over. Sometimes we can do it with a smile or planting a clematis against the fence. I take my grandkids, every chance I get, up the creek that has been both hard and a saviour to our family. They see the same things that made us fall in love. I try to steer them from the tears. That is a beautiful picture of Billie and your granddaughter. Wishing you the best. Bob

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  2. So many good ones, taken so young. So much sorrow, and yet, the memories of these wonderful beings lingers on and on, Thankfully!

    Tears again, Carol! Dag nab it!;-)

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      1. No, thank you, Carol, for keeping me in touch with the little bit of sanity I have left!

        I was much older, wiser and stronger, when I was in my twenties,. Now, everything seems so difficult, so out of control.

        And so your words, Carol, your love and wisdom, lighten my load, they give me some much needed light in this darkness. and some much needed peace.

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