Monday Reflections – August 19, 2019

Carol A. Hand

Taking a moment to greet the morning
despite a never-ending list of tasks

Queenie awakened as always
to South Pacific songs
as the mini-blinds were opened
so he could view the sunny southeast vista

Pinto trotted around the block
in the cooler air seemingly unaware
of the flock of Canadian Geese
breakfasting in the park we passed

A moment more of reflection
watching the moon set


Moonset – August 19, 2019


and geese flying overhead in flight formation
listening to the music of crickets chirping
sure signs of the coming fall
presaged by the rising Ricing MoonManoominike-giizis
earlier this week that gave me a chance


Moonrise – August 15, 2019


to compare my new camera
with the iphone I often use these days
mainly for convenience














The rising moon inspired me
to learn more about wild riceManoomin
and begin editing my book manuscript again
before I immerse myself in preparing
the course I will be teaching soon
trying perhaps unsuccessfully to balance
the ever-present tasks that need doing
before the first frosts come


23 thoughts on “Monday Reflections – August 19, 2019

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  1. Some of those Canadian geese apparently got a head start in their fall migration to warmer climes, as they’ve been invading our neighborhood parking lots lately and slowly strutting around like they own the place. It’s been so hot here in southwest Ohio, I hope they don’t mistake this for their final destination!

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    1. Thank you for sharing comments that always make me smile, Mister Muse. Hopefully it’s cooler in Ohio today so they geese will move on. They were still here today, commandeering the park lawn. 🙂


  2. Hi Carol! Thanks for the delightful romp through the latter days of August and the new beginnings in September. Autumn has always meant new beginnings for me, perhaps because:
    1. I was born in September on the 26th anniversary of my mother’s birth.
    2. Academic years start in the august months of Autumn.
    Always among my fun Fall activities are: kicking leaves, cracking sycamore-tree bark, and playing Pooh Sticks at the nearest-available bridge over the nearest-available stream. 🙂

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  3. Balancing the never-ending tasks that must be done before the first frost…I know this one! Hurry, hurry, and then the cold wind blows and the rain falls and then the snow. And only then are we — am I — resigned to what cannot be changed for a number of months: winter. Funny, though. As sad as I am to see summer end, I am also sad when winter packs its bags.

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    1. Such lovely, poetic reflections, Allyson. Thank you so much for commenting. Winter used to be my favorite season, but the past few winters seemed to last far too long. Maybe it’s because I live in the city now where sidewalks become icy early and stay that way until spring…

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  4. Hi Carol, Thanks for your faithfulness. Busy summer for me: travel & family mostly. Doing less political writing/talking these days. Seems a little pointless in view of the fact that the “Corporate Coup d’État in slo-mo” (predicted by a great Canadian philosopher, John Ralston Saul, in 1995) has finally been achieved. There’s now a good movie out called The Corporate Coup d’État (see link below). Saw it a couple of months ago at a mini-festival at York U. I really had to look for it. Lots of “old” people like me were there. We filled an intimate theatre. No support even from my most “astute” friends – more like animosity… The electoral process worldwide has been rendered completely impotent in a few decades. Shrug… Regards, Bob

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    1. Bob, it’s always a gift to hear from you! Keeping up with the “news” is indeed depressing. I appreciate the link you sent and your insights about people’s response to thinking critically about the present situations here and globally. I feel no motivation to focus on the depraved, brutal, baffoonery of the present times. It seems pointless to focus on things one really can’t change because too many people accept things as they are… All I can do is focus on the small things – caring for family, friends, gardens, my little animals, and trying to raise awareness, skills, and motivation of the young people in the classes I teach. Sending my gratitude and best wishes to you!

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