A Tale of Twin Trees

Carol A. Hand

One upon a time a family of dwarf pine trees were born
They were watered and fed in a warm sheltered nursery
Among them a brother and sister
It took years for them to grow until they were finally tall enough
to be clipped into fancy shapes that were not their nature
They were sent to a store to be sold – but the summer went by
while they waited and waited to find a home
sadly, no one wanted them
At the end of the season, a bit stunted by the experience,
they were finally put on sale – $14 for a living being
I wonder if they wondered what their fate would be?
As sometimes happens, they would not be far apart
They went home with two neighbors
but that is when their paths diverged
One went to a big home with a chemically-fed lawn
to serve as a symbol of conspicuous material success
He was placed in a fancy planter prominently displayed
But when winter came, he was left outside without warmth or water
When spring arrived, he was discarded with the used Christmas tree
The other little pine went to a modest cottage just next door
to a yard overgrown with trees and flowers and gardens everywhere
She was placed in a newly created garden where she could grow
according to her own nature amid towering pines
but the winters proved harsh – much colder than those of her past
Each spring she struggled to bring forth life on damaged branches


Little Pine – August 2019
Each summer, the man who bought her brother would flood her home
Washing way the soil and protective mulch with a torrent of water
from the birthday waterslide that was a new symbol of conspicuous superiority
And each year, the woman who brought her to her new home
would lovingly repair her soil and gently touch her branches
uttering a silent prayer for the little pine tree’s health and survival



Ah, life.
There are so many differing views
about what is really important


35 thoughts on “A Tale of Twin Trees”

  1. Oh Carol, this is love. I had a little pine in Wisc. I prayed for, and she did grow but it took a long long time. There is a small white pine here that is growing very well now and I talk to him. I know they can love us back.

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        1. Queenie, Pinto and I are all doing okay. It’s a bit busy for me right now. My first (research) class is September 7 and there’s a lot of work I have to do to be ready. The good news is, though, that I began working on my syllabus and assignments yesterday…

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Yes, better to be ahead than behind.

          When I taught, many years ago, I was always anxious, by this time, to get back from Summer break. I loved teaching.

          I am glad you are all well!

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    1. Sadly, this is so true, Mister Muse Tragically, it’s a trait shared by bullies in general, and having one trumpeting loudly from the bully pulpit in the White House emboldens them all. in my humble opinion.


  2. We had a living pine that we bought when the boys were little as a Christmas tree, and then we planted it out on the property, since we moved, I noted on going back once or twice it is still there. Loved this evocative and allegorical tale.

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