August Reflections – 2019

Carol A. Hand


Pinto, Queenie (my parakeet), and I
survived another summer July
this one challenging, hot, and dry
Trying to encourage Pinto to eat – July 23, 2019


Garden washouts a yearly event
strategically planned with malicious intent
perhaps police intervention this year will lead to an offender’s lament
Garden Waterslide Washout: Neighbor’s Annual Birthday Event – July 20, 2019


Backyard visitors coming down from the wood
does with their fawns grazing in my urban neighborhood
bunnies galore and a stout raccoon roam
while paper wasps build a new home


Bees and butterflies feast on flowers
during pleasant, sunny afternoon hours
Transitioning to teaching the next onerous process
while bountiful gardens and harvests proceed nonetheless


Wishing you all bountiful harvests and mild beginnings of seasonal transitions

26 thoughts on “August Reflections – 2019”

    1. Thank you for your delightful comments, Bill. Great minds must think alike – or at least some of us who were born in 1947. 🙂 Originally, I looked up the meaning of “august” – “marked by majestic dignity or grandeur” ( Then, I wondered if this meaning led to naming the month. Here’s what I discovered. “August was named after Augustus Caesar in 8 B.C. Previously, August was called ‘Sextillia,’ which was Latin for ‘sixth'” ( I decided not to complicate my simple post with the evolving history of how the months of the year were named and sequenced. 🙂

      I am deeply grateful to you for sending such thoughtful wishes. ❤

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      1. We share a wide-ranging curiosity, Carol. I am humbled by your very kind words and for sharing the photographs that show how we are quite literally grounded in the profound soil of this shared planet. Flora and fauna and the fanciful. Thanks for including Pinto: fellow ground traveler, and Queenie: winging it in the troposphere 🙂

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  1. Your gardens look wonderful! I hope you have a freezer. As for the neighbour with the big slide, consider the water he is sending your way free. Your plants will put it to good use. Wishing you the best wishes across smokeless clear skies. Bob

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    1. It’s always a gift to hear from you, Bob. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and lovely wishes.

      I do have a freezer and have already frozen 24 quarts of green beans. I also learned something valuable from your posts. I never thought of using swiss chard in salads. It was delicious with slices of cucumber!

      In terms of my neighbor, he’s quite the charming bully and was certain the police would laugh at me. They didn’t laugh. One can always hope that he will learn something as a result …

      Sending my best wishes to you, too, dear friend. ❤


    1. I will let Pinto know you are sending him good thoughts. Last week I had to feed him by hand – rice in chicken broth, sometimes with chicken and sometimes with eggs and vegetables. This week I have had to cook ground beef and chicken. He won’t eat otherwise. I do hope he will be willing to eat canned dog food someday soon! But he is doing much better. We go for short walks twice a day and he’s beginning to trot again…


  2. Hello Carol, lovely photographs and sentiments. We have had an unusually hot few weeks in Europe, here in Birmingham the temperatures reached the high thirties and my friend in France reports 42 degrees. Nevertheless, the garden continues to thrive and having left a “wild” bit, I also have lots of insects and butterflies in abundance. Lovely!

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    1. It is always a pleasure to hear from you, Helen. 🙂 Thank you for your kind and lovely comments, and for letting me know about your part of the world. It’s not easy to find out what’s going on outside the borders of the isolationist USA these days. I am glad to hear that your garden is thriving despite (or perhaps because of?) the heat!

      Sending my best wishes to you. ❤


  3. I enjoyed and appreciated this beautiful post. I read it, slowly…reflecting on the gardens of my childhood and those who both tended them and taught me to appreciate them…a wonderful reflection. Thank you, dear Carol. Blessings for a bountiful and beautiful harvest. 🍁🙏🏻

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    1. Dear Carrie, I so appreciate your thoughtful comments. Thank you for kindness and for sharing your reflections about gardens. There are many special moments in the presence of so much beauty, peace, and blooming life. Wishing you bountiful harvests, too, dear friend. ❤

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