Reflections about Awakening

Carol A. Hand


April Icing – April 26, 2017


Life in the tragic gap between present reality
and clear visions (memories?) of what could be
is sometimes unbearably painful
A fascinating visitor (American Pelecinid Wasp) – August 22, 2018
The magic, mystery and beauty of life
in all its amazing intricate diversity
captures my undivided attention
filling me with a sense of reverent awe
yet beneath the surface almost simultaneously
I can feel the suffering of the earth
and the creatures who, like me, call her home
I sense the death throes of irreplaceable wonder
that nothing technology produces can ever replace
while too many of the earth’s children sleep


Look west from Enger Tower – October 14, 2018
I am grateful for the privileges I have had
to witness the power of awakening
as the students I work with discover things
which those in power never meant for them to know
Perhaps it is way too little and way too late
yet a prayer rises in my heart that the earth
draws hope from their awakening
and that of light-affirming others around the world
garnering strength to heal for the sake of all life
across uncountable generations to come


On the road to Hana, Maui – 1998



I do worry about the challenges that those who are awakening to the wonder of the world will face in the future. I wrote and titled this poem before reading an article by Tess Owen in Vice News. Owen describes a different kind of awakening among white nationalists from around the world who gathered in Finland this past weekend. They referred to their celebration as “Awakening II.” I sincerely hope they will awaken to wonder, too.


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  1. Carol, a beautiful post/poem … I can’t help but believe that the young will awaken to the the natural world and world around them – just as in years gone by. My son wrote a song called ‘Awakening’ and the spirit of the music fills me with hope and light. I will take the liberty of putting the link on here, but totally understand if this is not okay with you. Warmest wishes to you, Carol from beautiful sunny Sweden! 😀❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely, thoughtful comments, Annika, and for sharing your son’s beautiful music. He has given voice to the power of the rising sun (son) and inspired my parakeet to joyfully sing his appreciation. Sending my best wishes to you from a foggy, drizzly but none-the-less finally spring day in northern Minnesota. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Annika, your son’s music is beautiful and an expression of the indomitable creative spirit that has risen among humanity throughout our turbulent and ever changing history. Carol, not only our youth but women around the world – and some men – are working to preserve this planet and wonder. Yes, we are living in a turbulent time. But as long as we continue our work and hold to our knowing and vision of the light our children will make their way to wonder and wisdom.

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  3. Thank you for your powerful words, Carol! I think I have witnessed awakening 🙂 Since the 1980, environmentalist have been conveying their message to the world, and I think that people started getting it. Many people I know are trying to reduce waste of resources and use of plastic. There are many who participate in the seashore cleaning events. Dumping garbage in the river is not a norm anymore. Slowly, the eyes are opening. People who do something with their hands for a good cause begin changing from within. It is the only way to change.

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    1. Thank your so much for your thoughtful comments, Inese, and for sharing such important observations about awakening. I love the way you described change – “People who do something with their hands for a good cause begin changing from within.” ❤

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  4. Yes, after the fallowing of deep winter come the new shoots of growth, I love how you tie nature and students together. I wonder that the clue is in nature too, that despite the rise of nationalism, it will eventually ebb and we will recover, just as nature does from fire or flood, or deep winter.

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    1. Thank you for such lovely comments, Paul. I often think of Sister Lorita, my adviser during my first college experience, a rather elite Catholic girls’ school where I really didn’t fit. She was often ridiculed by shallow students because of her size and the subject she taught, botany. One day when attempting to help me, she shared wisdom that has become ever more inspirational as years pass. “I know what students think of me, but if they learn to see the wonder of life in a blade of grass it’s worth it to me.” Life is a wonder, indeed, and I am eternally grateful for learning that from a wise teacher. I merely try to pass it on… ❤

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  5. Such beautiful thoughts, such inspiring words! Tears slide down my cheeks as I read them, both for the suffering of all and for the hope of redemption.

    You, Carol, in your steady, gentle kindness and persistence have gathered around you a group of light driven folk. They are here, following and commenting on your blog. They are your students, inspired to wonder, whether obviously so or not. They are your history, in the many, many lives you have touched and altered.

    You are Peace, and can only bring peace wherever you go. That is progress. That is hopeful. Thank you! 💕❤️

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    1. Exquisite, SuperDuque. Thank you so much for sharing a perfect reminder of what awakening looks, sounds, and feels like – voices united in song creating and celebrating the wonder and beauty of life. ❤

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  6. “Perhaps it is way too little and way too late
    yet a prayer rises in my heart that the earth
    draws hope from their awakening
    and that of light-affirming others around the world
    garnering strength to heal for the sake of all life
    across uncountable generations to come”

    These are beautiful, well-spoken words. I do not believe it’s ever too little or too late for hope, change and healing for the sake of all life. I believe in a moment of evil and chaos, hope can elude us, but I also think it is within the human spirit to always, always move toward the light — which I internalize as “hope.”

    Perhaps this is a hopeful take on our human-ness!

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  7. Hi Carol, I appreciate your point about the students awakening to things they weren’t meant to know. It’s clear evidence of the power of this awakening. It will not and can not be blocked, even from our little ones who are surrounded by so many potential blockers. Lovely heart felt expressions, thank you!

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