Peacefully Dawning

Carol A. Hand


moment of beauty
on the edge of the city
peacefully dawning


27 thoughts on “Peacefully Dawning

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  1. Maybe it’s just because of some things that I have been mulling over today but the beautiful photo and refreshing poem inspired the thought that I wish we humans treated each other more like we treat dawns — as something to see the beauty of, to take inspiration from, but unthinkable to possess, unthinkable to harm.

    Thanks for sharing, Carol.

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    1. Fascinating, thought-provoking reflections, Paul. I wonder whether we could learn to view ourselves that way, too. It seems a necessary foundation for seeing others as beautiful and “unthinkable to harm.”

      Thank you so much for sharing your insights and kind words.

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      1. “View ourselves that way”? That’s an excellent idea! Like treating oneself as one would a friend. There seems to be quite a bit that can be said along these lines, Carol. I feel in need of getting together with you in a nice coffee shop! 🙂

        I wrote a poem today based on the theme. Please feel no obligation to check it out, but if you freely want to, it’s here:

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  2. Lovely Carol. Alas, I have lived in cities, including NYC and had my fill. I love watching the sunrise over the vineyards and hills in my little Mediterranean village… The sunsets are quite spectacular as well…

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