January Reflections – 2019

Carol A. Hand

Ah, here we are in the depths of winter

surrounded by a sea of snow and ice



Taking my dog for neighborhood walks in not an option now

although he misses them and exploring would be nice

Still, he often has a chance to go outside

Gingerly traversing perilous paths

I watch him slip and slide

on sidewalks that just freeze over once again

despite hours of chipping ice and shoveling snow



Balancing is a necessary skill in times like these

Gray skies and bleak news day after day

take their toll on hope for a kinder, peaceful future


Yet my old cracked sorel boots augmented by yak trax

help give me footing in slippery times



while moments of beauty and classes to prepare

help remind me why it’s even more important

to continue caring and creating anyway




Wishing you all steady footing and creative focus

during challenging times…




34 thoughts on “January Reflections – 2019

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  1. These lands were meant to remain wild and to be inhabited by wild and free people, not by Europeans and their ugly cities that more resemble jails than places to live in. When I lived in northern Canada I found the wilderness, despite being harsh, to be very seductive. But you had to adapt to her, she did not adapt to you. Simple rule which man should never have broken.

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    1. Dear Bette, thank you so much for your delightful comments about yak trax and grandchildren. 🙂 Sending you blessings for the new year, too, along with apologies for my belated reply. ❤


    1. Dear Carrie, I apologize for my belated reply to your lovely, thoughtful comments and beautiful blessings. Sending my best wishes to you, too, along with my gratitude for the wisdom you share with others. ❤

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  2. Your photos look more snowy than we are here, in Homer, Alaska, now. We’ve had some sun shine to melt a lot of the snow we had. Still ice. I do better duck walking than using the hardware. Do your fresh snow falls ever sparkle? Fresh snowfalls are pretty here.

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    1. It’s always a gift to hear from you, Skywalker. I’m surprised to hear that you have so little snow, and enough warmth to melt snow in Alaska! Our weather has been quite unpredictable – a few above freezing days, followed by more snow, sleet, and freezing rain and then subzero temperatures. But I love to see the shape of snow flakes on my dark mittens, and the multi-colored sparkle that covers the earth on the rare days when the sun shines in winter here.

      Sending my best wishes to you. ❤


      1. No pressure, always nice to receive your thoughts when you have time. It would be 42 years since I had to shovel snow for my parents. These days I spend a short time maintaining the cooling system:) thank you Carol.

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  3. Yak Trax..A first for me and I so wish I had had a pair when I was in the Uk( who)are never prepared for snow. It would have saved my posterior so many times from saying hello to the floor an icy one at that…haha

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