Neither One Thing Nor Another

Carol A. Hand


Catfish or Eagle Clan? (drawing by Carol A. Hand, photo of drawing edited)


Born in between
neither one thing nor another
a mercurial shape-shifter
one moment flying high
above the clouds
the next plunging
to the murky depths
of nutrient rich swamp bottoms
where the roots of water lilies feed
experiencing both
the freedom of flight and far-vision
and swimming deep
surrounded by the rich abundance of possibilities
exploring alternatives and seeking wisdom
rather than choosing
to remain in the darkness
constrained by conforming ignorance
and spirit-freezing fear



23 thoughts on “Neither One Thing Nor Another

  1. As you reveal in your poetic reflections, existing in the in-between places can be a liberating experience. It all depends upon our courage to confront the “murky depths” and break free from “spirit-freezing fear.”

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  2. I love the underpinning message contained, to embrace the freedom of flight, vision and possibilities, and to eschew the negatives of darkness, conforming ignorance, and spirit-freezing fear, wonderful.

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  3. An additional thought: the idea of “choosing to remain in darkness” sounds too horrible to even think possible. That is probably the scariest thing that has come about in modern human history. I always assumed that ignorant people were ignorant due to a limited intelligence and an inability to think, rather than merely act and obey.

    Wow. Truly scary.

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    1. Ah, thank you once again for sharing thought-provoking perspectives, A Shift in Consciousness. Based on some of my experiences, I honestly do believe some people make a conscious choice to remain in darkness.

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