Morning Greeting – October 10, 2018

Carol A. Hand

Greeting a blustery morning
through rain-dusted lenses
witnessing and listening to the storm
blaring sirens barely audible
above the sound of roaring wind
Trees twisting, bending, and bowing
in the fierce gusty northeast blow
still-green leaves covering the earth
ripped prematurely from their branches
a blessings perhaps given the coming snow


Stormy Morning – October 10, 2018


Sending healing purple light
to my relatives, the trees
the cottonwoods, willows, and maples
the spruces, birch, and aspens
the crabapple and mountain ash
heavily laden with ripening fruit
may they all survive this and coming storms
until their life’s purpose is complete


Heavy-Laden Crabapple Tree – October 10, 2018


Grateful for a simple little house
that stood through the stormy night
an often taken-for-granted luxury
in a world where so many are without
safety, sustenance, or shelter
Reconfirming my intention
to remember moment to moment
to live with wisdom, compassion, and joy
despite the storms along the way


27 thoughts on “Morning Greeting – October 10, 2018

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  1. Carol, this reminds of a severe ‘storm’ in my life, many years ago. During this difficult time in my life, I was drawn to storms like the one you have described here; I would sit outside, during one of these storms, and feel and sense the power of the creation/creator around me. This never failed to strengthen and bring me some much needed peace.

    Unfortunately for my former wife at the time, my times doing this brought her much grief and worry. But I couldn’t help it. I needed what the storm was offering me, which was the recognition of some thing much greater than my self, some thing that, in some way, was in control of everything that I was going through at that time, everything that I had no control over at all.

    Now, when one of these storms comes along, I only seem to be concerned about losing power for several days. But I still love the rain, thunder and wind, and I can still feel and sense the power of whatever, or whomever, set all of this natural beauty and power into motion.

    Thank you, Carol!

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  2. Kalimera Carol, from Corfu where I am on holiday. I shall be returning to the UK on Saturday and to weather not dissimilar to your approaching winter but for now….. it is hot and sunny and beautiful and I spent some of yesterday swimming in the Ionian sea. It was calm and still, like a turquoise mirror, there were butterflies dancing over the water. I am so fortunate. Enjoy your day my friend. xx

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  3. Intention brought to fruition by your example of compassion towards others Carol, much like your relatives the trees, bearing fruit, a selfless act of feeding others and returning precious nutrients to Mother Earth that bore them.

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  4. Yes, whatever happens, it happens, but if there’s an underpinning, relational foundation to life, life will go on, maybe not the same (because, indeed, events change us), but it will go on. Thank you Carol.

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