Reflections about Loss

Reflections about Loss
Carol A. Hand

When you change
what remains
of the friends who used to be?
Slipping away like shifting sand
you’ll simply need to understand
learning graciously to set them free


July 20, 2012 – Cookie’s first summer in her new and last home (~2000 – 2013)


Things are not the same
but there’s no one to blame
so there’s no need for an apology
Although each loss brings sorrow
may you rise again tomorrow
open to new adventures yet to be


26 thoughts on “Reflections about Loss

  1. A wise and reassuring perspective on the changing nature of friends and friendship, Carol. I call it “The Friend Ship” – you attract and release friends through the course of your life. How to do it smoothly and with grace is the challenge many of us face.

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  2. Carol, wise words in a world of changing friendships. The first time this happens it can be hard to accept, not to find blame but the gift to friendships and ourselves is ‘learning graciously to set them free’. I love the positive final line of finding new adventures – I’m all for that! 😀❤️ ps. I’m taken with Cynthia’s ‘Friend Ship’ idea – I’ll keep that in mind.

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