Reflections about Dimensions of Reality

Carol A. Hand

Awakening suddenly
in the semi-dark before dawn
because the pile of blankets shifted
The only light muted yellow
from the streetlight shining
through the window to the north
filtered through blinds and curtains
Opening my eyes to readjust covers
I notice a strange lacy pattern
covering the wall next to my bed
Despite blinking, the pattern remains
With a sense of curiosity
tinged neither by fear nor wonder
I reach toward the wall


Lace – the closest I could find to illustrate what I saw using Microsoft Word clip art


The pattern begins flowing
and shimmering with light
Is this a dream of waking
within a dream, I wonder?
or an illusion of my hypnagogic state
halfway between waking and sleeping?
or is this a deeper vision of reality
the patterning of interconnecting
molecules that comprise matter
and give the comforting illusion
of solidity to material objects
thus making it easier to function
in a world constructed by
others’ notions of reality?
I don’t know the answer
but just for now
I feel the need to put wonder aside
to focus on tasks that need doing
in the socially constructed reality
I share with others in this time



11 thoughts on “Reflections about Dimensions of Reality

  1. As I go about my day doing “the tasks that need doing in the socially constructed reality I share with others…” I want totake with me your vision of a delicate, lacey pattern, flowing and shimmering with light – the beautiful, vital, interconnected web of creation. Thank you.

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  2. I love those moments – liminal – and such a great expression in your words. I also love patterns on walls, especially those brought by dreams, but also the real ones brought by light play by the morning sun.

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  3. Awesome. 🙂

    I love patterns of light on walls. I see them every night. I also see patterns in the grains of wood. I worked construction for many years and used to enjoy seeing either beautiful natural patterns in pieces of wood or imagining cool shapes, sometimes funny faces. I look out a window occasionally and see so many faces in the tree bark, branches or sky. It’s strange, but it’s very relaxing. 🙂

    Thank you.

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