Remembering Too Many Tragedies

Carol A. Hand

Listening deeply to inner silence
Here, but also present in another reality
Aware of fear,  dis-ease,  loss,  and violence
while feeling the   poignant ache   of possibility
Seeking courage moment to moment to make a choice
to allow wisdom,  compassion,  and joy  to guide my voice


Ava swimming in Lake Superior, Photographer – Jnana Hand


19 thoughts on “Remembering Too Many Tragedies

  1. Hi Carol, we live in our past and present. Most times one skews the other. Sometimes when you squint really hard the two sides slip towards each other and meet in the middle. Nothing is perfect. Even easy, choices are hard. Take care.

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  2. Carol, I love the poem. There is a lot of wisdom in it’s words. For today my choice is to be happy and to surround myself with opportunities for positive reinforcement. I wish the same for everyone I encounter.

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  3. Beautiful, Carol, and so true. Thank you for reminding me there is still light and hope to be found in our world, and here, at your site, is a sanctuary. Hope some of that joy and compassion finds you today, and brings you peace in your struggle.

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