Evening Reflections – August 2018

Carol A. Hand

Venus glowing in the western sky
the only light visible as clouds pass by


Venus in the evening sky – August 4, 2018


Known as Ikwe-Anang – “Women’s Star”
rising in the east just before dawn
and lighting the west just after sunset
in a nine-month repeating cycle
the gestation time for human life-givers (1)
reminding me of the Ojiwe Midewewin code
“Honour women;
in honouring women, you honour the gift
of life and love” (2)


Venus setting – August 4, 2018


Sources Cited:

(1) Annette S. Lee, William Wilson, Jeffrey Tibbetts, and Carl Gawboy (2014), Ojibwe Sky Star Map Constellation Guide: An Introduction to Ojibwe Star Knowledge. North Rocks, CA: Lightning Source: Ingram Spark.

(2) Basil Johnston (1990), Ojibway Heritage. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, p. 93.

Another resource link:



19 thoughts on “Evening Reflections – August 2018

  1. Wonderful post. I really liked your photos of Venus. Mars is also very bright right now. I am going to try to find a copy of Ojibwe Sky Star Map Constellation Guide: An Introduction to Ojibwe Star Knowledge. Thank you for posting. Bob

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Bob. When I saw the bright light shining, I thought it was a plane at first. The airport is just over the ridge. But the light didn’t move. I couldn’t figure out what it was no matter how much I squinted or repositioned my glasses. I ran inside and grabbed my iphone, hoping I could magnify the light if I looked through the camera lens. I snapped a few photos while I was there and then walked down the alley in hopes I could see the light more clearly. But it was gone, hidden by clouds! Exploring the mystery light online, I discovered a wonderful resource for local night sky news.

      (The photos reminded me of impressionist paintings, the best my skill-level and equipment can do. 🙂 But I love the light centered between tree branches in a space that looks like a profiled face looking upward.)

      Please let me know if you need help finding the book. I also have another you might like – “Talking Sky: Ojibwe Constellations as a Reflection of Life on the Land,” by Carl Gawboy and Ron Morton (2014). Duluth, MN: Rockflower Press.


      1. Thank you Carol for your reply. I think I will buy the book online. It is doubtful I will be able to find it in a bookstore (my preferred way of buying books).

        Your photo does look like one of the impressionist painting. I am glad you just had to squint and adjust your glasses instead of taking a shot of absinthe. 🙂

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  2. Though I possess some very unorthodox information regarding the existence of misogyny on planet earth, I still fail to comprehend why anyone, but particularly the male of the species, would not automatically honour a woman, all women. Do women not hold up half the sky, as the saying goes? Is there a single man on this world who does not have a mother and likely also a sister, a female friend, female lover, female child? How can a man, any man, not be aware of his connection to womanhood? That he owes his very life to the woman? *I will never “get it” and perhaps I do not want to “get it” either.* Your pictures of Venus are powerfully evocative.

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    1. Ah, Sha’Tara. Thank you for your powerful comments. I share your amazement that men fail to at least acknowledge and honor the women who gave them life! (And thank you also for your lovely comment about the photos. ❤ )

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