A Walk though My Neighborhood

Carol A. Hand

Somedays there are too many tasks
demanding decisions and immediate attention

Which one’s a priority and which ones get an extension?

Rather than agonizing over choosing
I decide it may be wiser to avoid choices that are confusing
grabbing my camera and going for a walk instead
a great way to clear my heart and my head


Looking northwest toward the ridge – it always looks so much smaller in photos
Walking east on 8th Street
Approaching Hortus Garden at the crossroads
Hortus Carden – blooming despite drought
Inside Hortus Garden


Even when it’s cloudy now with a slight chance of rain
hoping my foolishness will tempt fate again
encouraging clouds to share precious moisture as they hover
showering on my camera lens as I hasten to find cover


Interesting sights while heading back home
Marked for removal
Green Ash tree affected by the Emerald Ash Borer
Denfeld High School – almost home as it srpinkles










Choosing to head home not wishing to be drenched
wondering later if retreating was wise
perhaps the earth’s thirst would have been quenched
instead I watched safely through my window
disappointed by rapidly clearing skies


Ah, who knows what life has in store

Be patient


Just one day more

Mow the lawn – postponed because it’s been too dry
concerned that cut plants would quickly fry

Then take little Pinto out for his mid-day stroll
As we’re leaving our yard thunder crackles and rolls
Sprinkles start as we walk down the street
Transforming the air – now moist and sweet
Half way home it begins to pour
Soaking us both before we reach our door
Both grateful in our own way
For the surprising storm we encountered today


Pinto looking pensive


Acknowledgement – A dear friend recently reminded me how important humor is in our lives, although he spells the word differently – “humour.” I had begun this silly poem and his comment inspired me to finish it. As synchronicity would have it, I had also just found an old video of Loretta LaRoche that made me laugh when I first saw it during a PBS (public television) fund-raiser. I’ve posted the video below. I hope it brings peace and healing laughter into your life, too.

24 thoughts on “A Walk though My Neighborhood

  1. Hi Carol! I felt like I was on the stroll with you!! As I look out into stormy gray clouds that any moment may just open up…I’m thinking about going for a walk!
    Hope you are well…it’s been a long time 😉

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  2. I enjoyed the stroll, dear Carol! Getting rained on isn’t terrible and can cause a smile to break open on our often too serious faces. 😊 I wish I could send you some of our rain…we’ve had way too much! ☔️

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    1. Ah, Carrie, such lovely comments. Thank you. I was smiling in the rain, but I had to look down in order to keep my glasses from getting too blurry. 🙂

      The weather has been rather strange this year – floods, fires, and droughts depending on where one lives. Maybe it just seems different this year because the drought is forcing me to pay more attention…

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  3. Hello Carol, I love this, we too have had a six week drought in the UK with our first downpour today. My Alfie won`t even leave the house if there is the slightest speck of rain, he is such a baby. I have been lucky enough to spend a few days with my son this week, he lives in Vienna in a derelict castle. We sat on the balcony on Wednesday night and it BUCKETED down. We just sat with our wine, getting drenched and having the best laugh I`ve had in ages. The next day it shot back up to thirty degrees. xxx

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    1. Dear Nelly, it’s always good to hear from you. I’m glad you finally got rain in the UK. (Alfie sounds like a smart dog.) 🙂

      What a wonderful visit in Vienna and so good to hear you were able to share laughter with your son. ❤


  4. Totally enjoyed Loretta LaRoche’s video, Carol. Comedy shows keep me laughing. I’m not great at humor, but I just love it when my sons laugh at something stupid that I’ve said and done 🙂

    Thanks for making me laugh this sunny morning. Let’s find joy in the stress before it kills us prematurely.

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    1. Rosaliene, I’m so grateful you liked Loretta LaRoche and laughed on a Sunday morning. 🙂

      I’m not good at humor, either, and what we find “funny” is such a cultural thing. I don’t find cartoons or many comedians amusing because of violence or insults. LaRoche doesn’t degrade others but does mirror back silly things many of us do without thinking. Our children do the same thing for us, I think.

      Sending my best wishes, dear friend. ❤

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  5. Hi Carol, I enjoyed the walk through the neighbourhood (is that spelled correctly) 🙂 . I would love to feel some rain. Soon it will be getting cooler and dew will accompany the morning sun. I bet Pinto would snap at Willow a few times, then they’d ignore each other and be friends. Take care. Bob

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    1. Except for the mosquitoes, I would prefer to walk through your neighborhood, Bob. (I’m assuming where you live is like the wooded areas here.) Yet even in the city one can find beauty and life blossoming.

      The rain here didn’t last long and it’s dry again. I spent the morning watering gardens, but an hour later the earth was bone dry in many places that I had watered. I honestly don’t remember such a dry June and July.

      You’re right, though. Fall is not far away. In two weeks, I’ll have to begin getting ready for class! It will require some new research on the connection between access to clean/safe water and community health. That will be the focus this fall for students who are taking research and community practice. The recent fire at the refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, just across the bay from my house, affected some of the students directly. It’s time for our communities to take a hard look at where our water comes from (Lake Superior) and how threatened it is by all of the toxic industries the line the shore. We need to find alternatives that involve input from all community members and consensus-building among all of the differing interests. Not an easy task… I’m excited to see what students will do with this topic in class and in their future work.

      I think Willow and Pinto would get along fine. Pinto’s better with dogs than with many people. I don’t let people other than my family get near him because he will definitely bite, especially men. He came with warnings when I adopted him from the shelter because he had been abandoned, neglected, and probably abused. But he is a good companion and seems to be happy and at peace here. That’s only true, though, if I don’t try to brush him. The downside of playing with Willow means he would probably need to be brushed. Still, I wish they could meet and play together. 🙂

      Sending my best wishes, dear friend.


      1. Hi Carol, the fire at the refinery in Superior was terrible and could have been a lot worse. A Canadian company owns the refinery, Husky of Calgary, Alberta. They bought the refinery only a short time ago. Supposedly it was run down when they bought it so they got a ‘deal’. In Canada we like to think we do everything by the book compared to other countries. But that is not true. Many of our leading industries do business in foreign countries to take advantage of the countries lax environmental standards. Gold mining in Russia is a good example. Canadian companies go in and cause terrible damage that would never be allowed in Canada. We also mine asbestos in Canada even though the product is banned here due to terrible health issues, yet we have no problem selling it to third world countries. We also continue to sell weapons of death to both side of warring countries, Saudi Arabia and Yemen to mention just a couple. Canadians often come across all holy and righteous, but we have a lot to fix in our own country. Neither one of our countries is being served by our politicians or media. Last night I turned on CNN. They had a panel of talking heads discussing the colour of Trump’s ties or something as ridiculous, while California is on fire. Who does the media serve? We are like that frog in a pot of water on the stove and the gas is being turned up while we watch Trudeau post selfies and wonder if Trump colluded, not realizing we are starting to boil.

        On another subject I bet Pinto and Willow would get along great. You are correct, after Pinto was in the bush she would have sticks in his long hair. That’s the good thing about Willow’s wire-hair nothing sticks to it and it dries quick.

        Take care. Bob PS Sorry about the rant.

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        1. Bob, your honesty and thoughtful analysis are greatly appreciated! I am grateful you felt free to express them here, dear friend. Pinto, Queenie and I send our best wishes to you. ❤


  6. A fun little jaunt through the neighborhood! Thanks for taking us along with you. Especially loved the tree with the figure 8 limbs (the one “marked for removal”…

    And happy to hear about the storm. We also have finally found relief in western NY. 😀

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    1. Hearing from you is always a gift, Lisa. Thank you for your lovely lighthearted comments. I’m grateful to hear your weather is changing for the better, too. Sending my best wishes. ❤


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