Memories – July 24, 2018

Carol A. Hand

Sitting on my step sipping coffee
listening gratefully as the little oven bird sings
greeting morning once again with sweet melodies
listening to the sound of the train on the western ridge
whirring by then fading
listening to leaves rustling in the gentle breeze
remembering times long past
of setting off alone again and again
to begin anew in different places
like the little chickadee in another song



I would have preferred to live in a fantasy world
escaping to other places in books and daydreams
but I sense that I chose otherwise
long before I was born

Remembering the dark worlds I’ve entered
institutions that mistreated Mickey and Donald
students, elders, and communities
beset with oppression they didn’t deserve
Someone had to offer kindness, strength and solace
even if imperfectly
just because
that was the right thing to do


July 24, 2018


Sitting here now in the morning
remembering past encounters and new beginnings
healing old wounds to my spirit and building strength
to face whatever comes next



17 thoughts on “Memories – July 24, 2018

  1. Well, there are fantasy worlds (like the one you would’ve preferred to live in), and there are fantasy worlds (like the one Donald Trump DOES live in). A little bird told me that yours is as beautiful as your words, and his is as ugly as his.

    That said, perhaps I should apologize for MY words, bringing ‘politics’ into your space like sour notes into sweet melodies.

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  2. Beautiful Carol. In the listening I’ve found peace, solace and strength to face the day. I used to listen by the river in the morning to the sound of the water and nature, you reminded me today of the beauty of listening.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your practice of listening to the river, Mei. It brings to mind the sound of the little brook that was my sanctuary as a little child. SEnding my best wishes. ❤

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