Reflections about Divisive Nationalism

Carol A. Hand

Greeting the cool sunny morning
listening to the joyous music of birdsong
deeply peaceful yet unable to drown out
the drumbeat of nationalism
that threatens to destroy us all


It’s our own consumption and complacency
clinging to old myths of benevolent exceptional empires
that keep us from seeing shared humanity
on an earth with no dividing lines
except for scars left by exploitation and war


It matters little which kleptocrats rule
when we choose to see others as an enemy
rather than to listen deeply to the heartbeats
of a planet we are entrusted to lovingly tend


“Earth Day” Flag by John McConnell, Wikipedia


28 thoughts on “Reflections about Divisive Nationalism

  1. Well said Carol. It seems humans are mother nature’s joke. We are the weakest of the animals so we are born the cruelest. Perhaps we have some evolving yet. Take care friend.

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    1. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful analysis, Paul. I merely did my best to transcribe the morning reflections that passed through me. You are right, though. Victimhood and blaming will not change the predicament we are all in. Our only hope, I believe, is raising our awareness about the challenges and responsibilities we all share caring for our beloved home and expressing our willingness to do something together through our words and actions.

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    1. It is heartbreaking to witness divisiveness that leads to never-ending conflicts because of superficial allegiances based on myths and imaginary lines, Andrea. As you point out, it need not be so. There is so much wonder and beauty in the world which you describe so compellingly in your reflections.

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  2. I believe truly that each wish for peace, for compassion, for healing sends that energy into the universe. Your poem is more than mere words, it’s something real that joins with other voices. The Earth will abide. ❤

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