April Showers

Carol A Hand

Early Morning Moon (3:30 a.m.) – April 30, 2018










Gradually losing the light as clouds roll in

lightning flashes in the western sky

booming thunder announces rain’s imminent arrival

to tap a soothing rhythm on the roof and awaken gardens

budding life hopeful that April showers

signal spring’s definitive arrival


16 thoughts on “April Showers

      1. Carol, Tubularsock is and has been very impressed with your beautiful poetic abilities. Your poems always put Tubularsock in a contemplative mood.

        You may not have noticed in your third photo that Tubularsock can be seen on the extreme left edge of the moon just as the cloud covered him.

        Funny thing, Tubularsock lit up a wonderful joint and DAMN there he was on the moon.

        And Carol your photo proves IT!

        Don’t worry, Tubularsock will be down soon.

        May the force be with you and keep your light saber handy, Trump’s loose!

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        1. Thank you again, Tubularsock. No need to come down – you have the best seat – a moon’s-eye-view of the world, sometimes filtered by silver-lined clouds. Who could ask for a better perspective? 🙂

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  1. Wonderful photos and words! The rain will most certainly bring the garden to life. Even the lightning helps bring things to life. Take care Carol! Bob

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