A World Gone Mad

Carol A. Hand

Spring finally arrived on April 19, 2018
here in the northland of the United States
It was the first day since October 23, 2017
when mercury rose above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 C)
warmly greeting awakening life
with sunshine and bird song

Elsewhere a world gone mad is focused on war
First responders traveled to Mercury, Nevada
to learn how to deal with a nuclear attack
Odd that we don’t require leaders to know
how to negotiate conflict peacefully
for the sake of our shared world and all we hold dear


World Kids – Public Domain Pictures


Given the sorry state of our ignorance about nature’s lessons
and the art of building inclusive peaceful communities
because our focus has been indoctrinating generations
to compete, even kill, based on belief in social Darwinism
the mythic notion that only the best and most “fit” survive –
it’s doubtful many of us would be here
to greet the aftermath of a needless nuclear winter


I apologize for the rather bleak message. It’s what came though me today. The text I am rereading to prepare for my class tomorrow makes me feel compelled to share crucial information about reality. Geoffrey Bellman (2001) points out that in order to work together toward a better future, we need to have a common understanding of the reality where we’re starting.

I also apologize for being so slow visiting blogs and responding to comments. I am still staring at a tiny laptop screen and have been saving my eyes in order to read student assignments.

Work Cited

Geoffrey M. Bellman (2001). Getting things done when you are not in charge. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.


32 thoughts on “A World Gone Mad

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Ken. I hope spring arrived before my reply. 🙂 (The tiny print on my laptop screen was too hard on my eyes making it unwise for me to spend much time online, but my computer is finally working again.)

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  1. As I looked at the image of the world and the children dancing, a strange thought popped into my head. What if we sent all community leaders everywhere to Nevada to learn how to dance? 🙂

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  2. I won’t even bother clicking on like anymore, since I have been shadow banned, but yes I LIKE your post, Carol. No, all your posts can’t be uplifting. That would be disingenuous. And I like that you are a genuine, grounded soul. It gives me comfort to share in the worry and concern of what is happening.
    But you know what? You still write about the bad stuff in a way that still gives me hope, if that makes any sense?
    I do know that God is watching and God will have the last word. My own personal belief is that those whom have not honored the Earth nor God will not be allowed to stay.
    But yeah, I don’t look forward to what is to come. It makes me want to cry.

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    1. Dear Robin, it’s always a gift to hear from you. Thank you so much for such thoughtful, affirming comments in times such as these. I send my best wishes. ❤


  3. An excellent observation about the leaders. Makes me think though, about people’s values in general: what do they really, really “hold dear” within the madness? Isn’t it the very things they “hold dear” that are the cause of the madness? An intelligent and wise person would naturally hold the planet as of number one concern, then compassion would be the modus operandi, but man’s social systems are all designed to work against both and it is the systems that people hold dear, never mind the historical, repetitive, negative consequences. Now look, we’re back to the early fifties, pretending to learn on how to deal with nuclear war. Madness indeed.

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    1. As always, you raise crucial issues, Sha’Tara. Thank you for sharing an important perspective about people’s values and everyday concerns. Yet I know you do a great deal to raise awareness despite the madness.


  4. Carol, I’m glad spring has finally arrived for you … it definitely helps to lift one’s spirits. Here it is in the 80s this week, amazing but slightly a shock after the long cold grey winter. Take care of your eyes and head working on the small laptop … that can be draining and give strain. Wishing you a peaceful weekend! 😀❤️

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  5. Yes so agree with this, and the question remains, how do we conduct ourselves? Are we trying to model the inclusive way? Good challenge for all, and a great way to couch it.

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      1. Yes, questions lead to dialogue, given answers are closed environs aren’t they. I really enjoy a reflective group I sit with each month, so refreshing – questions, we’d all agree with you.

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  6. Carol, you have no need to apologize. And your message is exactly what most Americans, in particular, need to hear.

    If we want a world worth living in for all of humanity and the rest of creation, then we need to face up to and take on the horrifying truth that is staring all of us straight in the face right now.

    You wrote:

    “Given the sorry state of our ignorance about nature’s lessons
    and the art of building inclusive peaceful communities
    because our focus has been indoctrinating generations
    to compete, even kill, based on belief in social Darwinism –”

    Yes, as you know better than I, Carol, we have all been, over time, forcibly separated from nature, each other, truth, love, real peace and life in abundance. Our values aren’t skewed, they no longer exist.

    And until we find the way to get ourselves out of this hell on earth, and “back to the garden”, we will continue down this path to self annihilation. Or I should say our children and their children will continue down this path to annihilation.

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    1. Thank you as always for your thought-provoking comments, Dave. This is a very belated reply, I know, and I know you always tell me I don’t need to reply. It’s important for me, though, to let you know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Carol! But just remember, I never feel slighted if you don’t respond! I know how busy you are, and the number of responses you get.

        I appreciate you, too!

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  7. No need to apologize for your bleak message, Carol. I agree with Geoffrey Bellman (2001), as you have mentioned. How can we begin to create a better future without reference to where we stand at this moment?

    I was unaware of the training underway in Mercury, Nevada. Considering our volatile American leadership, I think that all American citizens should also be prepared for a nuclear attack. The “duck and cover” strategy of the 1950s and 1960s is useless against a nuclear blast.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Jkaybay. I hope many will take time to learn about the crucial issues we’re all facing and take action, too. I’m grateful to know that you are leading one such effort. 🙂


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