Eagerly Awaiting Spring

Carol A. Hand


March 30, 2018


The old nokomis eagerly anticipates spring
after another long bitterly cold winter
She plans to plant gardens again
even though harvesting is always uncertain

She will prepare the soil
and carefully plant each seed
despite hands, once supple,
now gnarled with age
rough and clumsy from so many years
of hard work, washing, and winter weather

She will wait for the new life
that springs from the soil miraculously
when she isn’t looking
and she will nurture the seedlings
through drought and deluge
until they mature and bear their fruit


March 30, 2018


As she reflects about gardens past,
she remembers the anxiety she always feels
from the plant beings at harvest
it’s as if she hears their cries in her heart
when she kneels on the earth before them
Please be gentle with us, nokomis

She will remember this year
when she touches their delicate leaves
as lovingly as clumsy hands will allow
giving thanks to them for their beauty
deeply aware that her survival
comes at the cost of other living beings


Weathered hands at rest – March 29, 2018


She knows someday she too
will once again be part of the earth
that feeds future generations
in this inextricably interconnected
ongoing cycle of universal life

Of course she knows
this may just be fanciful thinking
She doesn’t know where she was,
or even if she was,
before she arrived on earth
in a much smaller younger physical body
She doesn’t know where her spirit will go
when she is finally released
from a stiffening, sometimes painful
aging frame
but still, it’s comforting to believe
something of her will remain
nourishing new life
and maybe even traveling
to distant constellations
carrying the essence of the plant relations
that fed her while she was here


41 thoughts on “Eagerly Awaiting Spring

  1. Well said Carol! There was a time when we were not and will be a time when we are not again and will then fulfill the legacy given us in becoming the humus from which our humanity has grown. Meanwhile we gratefully caress the sources that make us. But poetry says it so much better than mere prose.

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  2. Oh, thank GOD winter is over and spring is finally here. It seems like eons since it was warm last. Today here in Central PA it was wonderfully warm! Misty, but wonderful. :0)

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