A Faithful Friend

Carol A. Hand

Pinto – March 27, 2018


Ah, little Pinto
a faithful friend
so dawg-on cute
in a cobbed-together
red winter suit
because he’s grown
a tad too tubby


18 thoughts on “A Faithful Friend

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  1. I learned a pretty cynical African proverb yesterday from a man from Uganda: “Feed a dog for three days and it will remember you for three years. Feed a human being for three years and they’ll forget you in three days.”
    It’s true about dogs and I hope not so true about people!

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  2. Hi, Carol, Buster and his old pappy just caught up with your recent blogs, and are cheered to see your happy memories and messages. That Pinto is too cute for words, enough to make an old Basset Hound jealous! Please, keep up the good work!

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    1. He is, indeed, a handsome companion, Bob, although quite different than Willow. He prefers to walk on the sidewalk to avoid puddles. But he still has a fearless heart when he encounters people he senses may be a threat.

      (His suit is actually tied around his middle with an old wool scarf because the velcro tabs no longer work…).


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