Carol A. Hand


Awakening to dystopia
Mainstream media yet again
trumpeting the offensive
buffoonish reality show
“The Donald Playing President”


It would be amusing
if not for the very real dangers posed
by gluttonous (glutinous) mean spirits
discriminately devouring lives
to feed their rapacious need for power


Yet the morning sun beckons
with promises of coming spring


March 16, 2018


The choice simple –
to wallow in fear, anger and sorrow
or gratefully witness life emerging anew
and find creative ways to sing
wiser, kinder possibilities into being


28 thoughts on “Choices

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, dear Trace. I send my best wishes to you. ❤ (Sorry it took me a little longer to reply. For some reason, I only see your comments in email messages because they automatically end up in my WP spam filter. I have no idea why that is happening all of a sudden.)


  1. Hi, Miss Carol, I’m afraid that due to my urge to keep my little blog going, I’ve been causing my dear old pappy to “wallow in the “fear, anger, and sorrow” you mention above. Thank you for this small yet enormous poem which brings us back to the reality, there will still be life after the current “reality show” is over! If old pap can figure out how to do it now, may we “reblog” this entry of yours? Please keep up your good work!
    yer pal, Buster.

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  2. Beautiful and inspirational message, Carol. I have made the choice to remain connected with the changes faces of Mother Earth and as you put it so well, to “find creative ways to sing wiser, kinder possibilities into being.”

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  3. /The choice simple –/

    /to wallow in fear, anger and sorrow/

    /or gratefully witness life emerging anew/

    /and find creative ways to sing/

    /wiser, kinder possibilities into being/

    Totally with you on your closing words, Carol… Yes!!!

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    1. Thank you, Sha’Tara. After reading the same old nonsense news this morning, I went outside and was inspired by melting snow, singing birds, and life emerging once again. ❤


  4. There are so many plays on trumpeter’s name. It almost seems as if God intended it, to make us see how ridiculously cruel we can be.
    The greatest thing in the world is nature. It shows how we can be.
    Love to you Carol.

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    1. Such astute insights, Cindy, and a powerful way to reframe the challenges of these times. Thank you, also, for your constant reminders of the beauty and wonder of nature. ❤


  5. A wonderful pastoral response, you don’t shy from the awful truth playing out, but you’re not letting yourself or we the reader become trapped in any negativity. Hope.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Paul. There was a time when I tried to run away from the world by moving to a commune. I quickly discovered that we take the world with us wherever we go. Only through living in the here and now can we find ways to balance life’s ups and downs.

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  6. I cannot think of that man without thinking of his public persona of having a gluttonous ego. Part of me wants to pity him, the other feels anger and helpless. Nothing good have ever come from my ego where love on the other hand❤️ “Love is happy when it is able to give something. The ego is happy when it is able to take something.” – Osho

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    1. Thank you for honest, thoughtful comments, Ray, and for sharing the powerful quote from Osho. I have similar conflicting feelings about “that man.” Pathetic but too powerful because others who have power fear to rein him in.

      On another note, it’s always a delight to hear from you and to read your wonderfully inventive, meaningful stories. Sending my best wishes, dear friend.

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      1. I humbled by your comment Carol. I heard a few Cardinals announcing the approaching Spring. With the dreary political landscape, a small reminder from the handsome fellows that sometimes the harshest winter bring the most bountiful Spring.

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