A Snowy Morning

Carol A. Hand

rings through the air
from the pileated woodpecker
perched atop the power pole
A shrill cry follows
“Caw-Caw-Caw” echoes in reply
from a neighboring tree
as a lone crow
adds greetings
on this snowy morning


Snowy Morning View – February 18, 2018


Photo by Felicia Johnson (Wikipedia)

The photo I wish I could have taken, but alas, I didn’t have my camera until after the moment passed…



29 thoughts on “A Snowy Morning

        1. I live in northern Minnesota, kind of mid-continent, on the western shore of Lake Superior. Colder air often moves down the middle of the continent from Canada just to the north, so it is often cooler here, even in summer. That being said, though, it’s hard to predict the arrival of spring, but often there are freeze warnings here until mid-June. Winter does feel long, especially this year, because of the brutal cold and so many dark days. More snow is predicted for later this week, but the snow that fell last night has already melted. Only time will tell when gardens can once again be planted…

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        2. Wow, that makes a potential 6 – 7 month cold period. Ours varies too. Traditionally, autumn starts in mid March, and winter in June. But often June remains autumnal. And the rains come at the end of June and generally finish in early spring – September. Hope it warms up for you.

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