Fourth Year Anniversary Reflections

Carol A. Hand

Yesterday, my blog turned four years old. I still wonder what led me to blogging. Initially I thought it was the stockpile of unpublished reflections and stories I wanted to share. They were stories based on a particular perspective as an outsider who wasn’t content with merely pointing out injustice and oppression. My work has always involved trying to solve puzzles and experiment with possible constructive solutions from a critical view. It seemed fitting to name my blog Voices from the Margins.

After a couple years, though, I ran out of those old reflections. So I began to experiment with different topics and ways to write. I also learned a little bit about photography using my old digital cameras. I kept blogging because of the dear friends I met here in the blogosphere. Although few of my original friends still blog, new friends have filled the void.

I have no illusions that my photos or blog posts are great works of art. But I do have fun creating them and sharing them with others.

On this anniversary, I wondered what comes next. I find myself re-engaging with the world a little more and taking on long-ignored home repair projects. The title of the blog still holds true, but perhaps the blurb about my blog needs a bit of updating. There are all kinds of issues I could write about from a critical frame, but so many others do that far better. What is less common are those who look both critically and gratefully at what is and ask how this informs practical everyday choices.


January 30, 2018


Increasingly, my posts are deliberately a little like the bright moon on a dark night peeking through tree branches. Reflected light that flows through me, meant to provide solace and encourage creative, peaceful, constructive, thoughts and actions in a time of darkness.


Januray 30, 2018


These days, though, like the moon, my presence is not always visible. I am woefully behind replying to comments and reciprocating visits to other’s blogs. I apologize. I will try to do a better job because your friendship and what you share matters. I am always touched by the work you do.

But I do become micro-focused, like yesterday, when I had intended to share this post and visit blogs. I became so intent on finishing my newest project, sanding an old window frame, that I failed to stop and see the beauty of the day. I only saw the birch tree lit by the sun in a clear blue sky after I took a photo to record my progress.


Window Frame Repair in Progress


Today, I will take time to thank you all for being an important presence in my life.

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  1. Hi, Carol, and Happy Fourth Anniversary! Buster and I have been busy trying to figure out if it is possible to get our old country back on a track to at least recognize our faults and attempt to do better. It’s always fun and educational to read your blog. Inspirational, too, so, thank you and keep up the good work.

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  2. Congrats, Carol! I am so glad you have stuck around long enough for us to “meet” here. I am often inspired by your work, deeply moved by your writing, and mesmerized by your pictures. Please know you are deeply appreciated! ❤

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    1. Lisa, I am so grateful we met as well. Reading your work is a gift as are your lovely comments. Thank you. Please forgive my belated reply. Life has made it challenging for me to find time for blogging. ❤

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  3. Congratulations, Carol! I am so glad you are here for us to meet! It is not that there will always be other people doing things “better” than we are – but we are, as humans, unique, and can not be totally replaced by others. So please stay!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely, thoughtful comments, Ann Christine. I am staying for now because I value all of the gifted bloggers I’ve met, but as my belated thank you shows, It sometimes takes a long time for me to let people know how much I appreciate their work and their kindness. <3.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, dear friend. I am grateful we met, too. (I think it was through Jeff Nguyen’s blog. You may know that he entered law school and will be graduating in May so he can pursue social justice in another arena.)


  4. Carol, Happy 4th Anniversary for you and your blog!! A wonderful milestone. A blog, like so much in life, is organic and changes with time as we change, our goals, aims. Your posts offer new insights into our lives, how we look upon the world. Always thoughtful, reflective and full of spirit. I look forward to reading yours for many more years. Xxxx

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  5. Wow, congratulations on 4 years! Thats so awesome. I am on week one of blogging and so hope to around in 4 years! I have been looking at some of ue blogs and they are awesomely well written 😊

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