Changing Landscapes

Carol A. Hand

On my way home after running errands
I looked toward my house while waiting
at the  s  l  o  w  e  s  t  traffic light in town
and decided to pull out my phone
(something I never do while driving)
to see if I could capture the winter scene below


What is  now (looking north toward my house a block away) –

My little hobbit house is hidden from view
by the weathered willow tree beyond the parking lot
and sheltered by pine, ash, crabapple, and white birch trees
Even here one can see evidence of nature’s beauty 
although what is now markedly contrasts with what used to be


What used to be (looking north toward my cabin in late afternoon) –

My cabin in the norhtwoods during another winter
Was a sanctuary surrounded by forest and wetlands
providing respite  for a while before life led me onward
to urban settings in prairies and mountains 
with just enough space to create gardens
both with plants, and metaphorically, with caring people


Retirement meant a chance to start anew, again
with time for grandchildren and deep reflection
to live simply and heal a weary wounded spirit
grateful that teaching, writing, and gardening
help me re-engage and contribute in constructive ways
knowing that beauty can blossom in unexpected places



September 30, 2017


32 thoughts on “Changing Landscapes

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  1. A beautiful, simple reflection with deep and profound significance. The daily journey that leads us to a place where spirit resides, the understanding that grows to become wisdom. Thank you for sharing this, Carol! ❤

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  2. We are American expats who struggle in our own way with the issues that you focus on and would like to put a link to Voices from the Margins on our Favorite Blog page—plus guide our visitors to Voices by reblogging from time to time. Is this ok with you? We admire and want to encourage all voices from the margin! R & D (and we promise to post more of the Assumption Street series so you can find out what becomes of The Bishop Johnson and other denizens of Assumption Street!)

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    1. Robbie, it is always such a delight to hear from you and read your posts. I should visit your blog more often, too. I always learn so much, but life is a bit busy for me at the moment, also. In the meantime, I send my love and best wishes, and of course, gratitude for your visit and thoughtful comments. ❤


  3. This is a lovely post, Carol. Beautiful views and reflections. I also moved from a hectic and politicized city to this beautiful, peaceful place to heal my weary and stressed out spirit…and it has worked 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Ally. I apologize for my very belated response. Work, family responsibilities, and home repairs have made it hard for me to keep up with blogging. Still, I want to let you know I appreciate your kindness and send my best wishes. ❤ .

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  4. Beautiful photos. Nature is a wonderius thing and zomething we seem to take for granted in our busy lives these days. I would love to see snow! I dont like the cold tho so that may be an issue 😯

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, lovely comments, Mel. Please excuse my very belated reply. Life has left me little time for keeping up with my blog. I send my best wishes to you. ❤


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