Artificial Intelligence? An Oxymoron?

Carol A. Hand

Microsoft WORD Clip Art


At random times almost every day
when I’m reading, watching Netflix, or typing away
without warning my computer screen turns black
Oh crap,” I mutter to myself, “Windows 10 is back
Urgent daily updates? Perhaps it’s just incompetence
exposing gaps between human and artificial intelligence?
Or perhaps it’s an intentional creative-flow-disrupting annoyance
making it quite clear I’m subject to a machine’s chaotic dominance?
At times like these
I wish I knew computerese



This poem isn’t typical for me, so it sat among the many reflections that never make it to my blog. It would have remained there, I suspect, until I discovered that the software for one of my cameras magically disappeared in a recent update. After reloading the software yesterday, my screen went blank for the second time in the day. Perhaps the software disappeared in the update, again, but I really don’t need to check. Ever curious and resilient, I discovered another way to save photos from that camera.

Ultimately, I realize that I am grateful to Windows 10 for making me rewrite things that were still in process and for providing me with puzzles to solve. I’m not sure that is the intended purpose of random intrusions, or even if there are any conscious intentions behind inconvenient disruptions other than artificial unintelligent mechanical programming.

22 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence? An Oxymoron?

  1. The intrusion by Windows and their software is not even up to us. It’s dangerous. I feel that once I turn on the machine, everything I have typed or searched is sucked into some database. And we have no control over it.


    1. I share your concerns, Trace, but I’ve decided to write what I think any way. I refuse to allow fear to censor and silence my voice, and I know from your important, thought-provoking work, dear friend, you have chosen likewise.

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        1. Thank you for your kind words, Candice. You inspired me to post a reflection about a crucial issue (garbage) that I trashed earlier this week after discovering problematic information. Your comment motivated me to frame and contextualize the missing pieces. Thank you so much. 🙂


  2. Carol, I just now, had another issue starting up the computer today. I had to wait for Windows 10 to restart my computer, and for some unspecified reason.

    Every time there is an update, something changes that I have to put up with or try to fix. I don’t believe these occurrences are by accident, but then again, I am just another “conspiracy theorist”, according to the brain dead and powers that be.

    I was just thinking this morning if I would be better off not having a computer, blog, etc, etc. But like most folks these days, ‘they’ have me where ‘they’ want me, addicted and dependent.

    On this subject, if you have a chance, Carol, this article speaks to these issues and others:

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    1. Thank you for confirming that I’m not alone. 🙂 Actually, when I tried to find fixes on the internet, I noticed people have been complaining about Windows 10 random updates for some time. You are correct about the addicting nature of technological devices, though, even for a dinosaur like me.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, David. I am embarrassed that it has taken my such a long time to say think you. I am deeply grateful for your kindness. Sometimes my workload is simply smothering…


  3. Actually it’s not the artificial intelligence, it’s the problem of those who program it. Because artificial intelligence is currently doing business only in its own program capacity. It does not have its own problems solving ability yet, it can not make any conclusions at the level of human consciousness; for now. It does not have a function that can deduce from its experiences by neural nerve connections (bionic and circuit functions) and senses, and also function by storing its experiences. So, all the roads end with human.:)

    Also, for windows 10, you can set “services” part of your computer by choosin as “manuel” at the section of “windows update”, and when the update notice would come, you can choose the another time in the day when you are fine with closing/restarting your computer, my earthling friend, Carol.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Migo and WD. Your point about the human factor in all of this is so true. Analytical skills and people skills are not often combined in one person. 🙂

      (I did reset Windows 10 updates as you suggested to certain hours but that hasn’t worked, although the interruptions no longer come every day.)

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      1. I hope this method will be useful for a while for your trouble in windows 10. If another solution comes to my mind or figure out by someone and I would hear, I will share with you my earthling friend!

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