Reflections about Life

Carol A. Hand

I walk on my home world

the place of my birth

perhaps just for this life

perhaps only for this incarnation

not knowing where I came from

or where I’ll ultimately go

when I leave this place and a life

that has sometimes felt too long

and other times, so fragile and fleeting


Photo of a Hawk’s Feather –  A Gift from a Former Student


But while I am still here

let my spirit shine its song

Let me walk with peace and beauty

in my heart

as long as it continues beating



This poem was inspired by a comment on my previous post from Maria KethuProfumo at Eternamenta.  I encourage you to visit her thought-provoking blog.


27 thoughts on “Reflections about Life

  1. Carol, truly wonderful and inspiring! A lovely way to start my day….thank you also for your recommendation of Maria’s blog, I’m popping over to visit. Wishing you a day filled with warmth and joy. Hugs xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Annika, and for visiting Maria’s blog. I also appreciate your blessings and virtual hug. I send my best wishes to you, too, for a peaceful, wonder-filled day. ❤

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  2. Beautiful as usual…same questions and expectations here, as we approach our transition to whatever comes next, and still so much to do, even if only watch the birds fly in the amazing sky, smell the earth and dream…

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