A November Morning 2017

Carol A. Hand


bright reflecting sunshine

a dusting of snow

bracing cold air

the heavy odor

of diesel fuel



remind me

winter life in the city

comes with circi


and costs




Pensive Pinto – November 9, 2017



Circi, also spelled as sirsee, circe, surcy, and surcee, is a word used mostly in the southern U.S. that means “an unexpected, usually small, gift” (English Language & Usage Stack Exchange).

20 thoughts on “A November Morning 2017

  1. Wonderful reflections & mysterious Pinto, dear Carol. I like your blog’s veil. It’s always around simple life things, with views from your daily life. But any new moment they are various and views are very mutable. You prove that there are no two similar moments in existence and all important is next to us. Though…sometimes we need Internet to reach it. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing such thoughtful, poetic insights about the ever-changing nature of life where “there are no two similar moments in existence and all important is nest to us.” Pinto, Queenie and I all send warm greetings to you. ❤

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  2. The ghost blogger here. And liked.
    Like you, I have come to value moments when I am happy and free of the worry of living in these tumultuous times.

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