September Reflections

Carol A. Hand

Morning on the Last Day of September, 2017


I’m grateful to be standing, here, witnessing autumn’s delight

long grass bending with the weight of sparkling dew, a welcome sight

the last of the clematis flowers colorfully translucent in the morning, bright

on our “pale blue dot” spinning and circling our sun, today sharing life-giving light


Autumn-Blooming Clematis


With deep gratitude to Carl Sagan.

33 thoughts on “September Reflections

  1. Thanks for sharing that reflection, Carol. It was through Carl Sagan’s writings that I first began to see our world as one. While we continue to fight among ourselves for dominance and a larger share, we are bound together on Spaceship Earth.

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    1. Thank you for your kind and lovely comments, Dave, and for posts that continue raising awareness about the need to think deeply about Sagan’s cogent warnings about the foolishness and costs of wars for domination of our one pale blue dot. 🙂

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  2. . I signed up for the various postings. I went to the sight…What an inspiring read.

    You are part of a hopeful group of humans, dear Carol. But I struggle to keep a tenuous grasp on consistent hopeful positivity when Minnesotans cannot even reliably commit to working(as in work: to ACT)) on preventing sulphur mining in our far North count
    But, your words are always a light.


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    1. Thank you for such thoughtful comments, Patty, and for sharing important concerns about events here where we live. It is hard for many of us to see hopeful possibilities sometimes, yet it helps to have friends who remind us, as you do for me, to find the beauty around us and within others. ❤


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