Mainstream Media Circus …

Carol A. Hand

Come one, come all!

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Step right up,
ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the circus
Our main attraction
may appear to be
the orange clown
He will perform
astounding feats
of buffoonery

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His act is intended
to distract your attention
Perhaps he will also be able
to divide you, the audience,
into illusory opponents
and maybe even provoke you
to fight with each other
But don’t be fooled

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His main objective is
to keep you from noticing
the machinations of the puppeteers
who, behind the scenes,
are building structures that will
imprison you in joyless lives
of endless servitude to
feed their insatiable appetites
for yet more power.


39 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Circus …

Add yours

    1. Thank you, dear Trace. After reading the MSM headlines this morning, I took a few moments to reflect. I’m not sure where this poem came from, but it suddenly flowed into my head (and heart) and just had to be written down and shared. ❤

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  1. Thus the reason I only read or listen to the mainstream media when I check into see what lie/narrative/agenda they are pandering that particular day. It’s good to know what the enemy is up to.

    The truth, as you know, Carol, is becoming more and more difficult to find. Not that the truth was staring us in the face in the past. This is why I argue with friends that we need to get back in touch with our intuitive sense: do the research, and then check in to see what the mind and heart think and feel on any given information.

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    1. Wise advice, Dave. I do check MSM headlines every day, primarily to see what is being pedaled as fact and distraction. I feel the need to be aware of current “news.” As an educator, I need to know what students are being exposed to so I can address issues in a way that encourages critical reflection. But the latest divisive racist garbage inspired this poem – it literally flowed into my mind and heart as I was peacefully reflecting so I could balance after reading the news. I realized I had to write and post the poem even though it might be classified as “angry” or “critical.”

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        1. Thank you for your kindness, Iris. I’m not sure I can claim the words as “mine,” though. This morning, after I skimmed the headlines, I went outside to reflect for a moment, to balance. I wanted to try to write something about synergy and transmutation based on my experience teaching yesterday. I was thinking about what happens in a class when I’m merely present without ego getting in the way. Instead, the words to the poem flowed through my mind (and my heart). It was something I felt (knew) that needed to typed and shared. I tweaked the wording a bit and found images to include, but the message and words are not “mine” in the sense of consciously setting out to craft this poem. I don’t know if this makes sense, but writing is sometimes like teaching. Energy, by whatever name one calls it, flows as it will if ego isn’t in the way.

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  2. Thank you, Carol, for voicing this. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who sees what is going on. No one in my immediate surroundings is even aware. By the way, I pushed like several times and could not get the button to register. It’s not only your site, but every single wordpress site that I have tried to like. Interesting…

    Blessings to you and all of us who see the destruction and are not giving in to it.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Dolphin. It’s good to hear from you! It does seem as though too many people get caught up in all of the distractions these days…

      (By the way, your like did register, although I can’t link back to your site. This is the message that I get when I try: “ is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.” )

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  3. Cute poem, Carol, reminds one of the Wiz (of Oz). I’m afraid we still need the MSM, if only to offset to a degree, the worse “news,” such as Fox and the Limbaughs of radio.or total propaganda. In our minds, MSM’s biggest nasty is the drug pushing and other ridiculous advertising. However, that’s just one old dog’s (and his old pappy’s) thoughts. Unfortunately, our Amurican public seems to be easily influenced. Keep up the good work!

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