Reflections Inspired by Geese

Carol A. Hand

Feeling physically fragile as I gently greet the morning
gazing up at the southwestern sky

V of geese

by another, larger V
trumpeting encouragement
for the one temporarily leading
breaking through wind resistance
creating uplift for all those that follow
so others can save their strength for their turn
to carry the difficult responsibility of guiding others

together in harmony
because sharing responsibility
lightens burdens in the journey of life unfolding


Geese at home even in the city


Sending my best wishes to all.


38 thoughts on “Reflections Inspired by Geese

  1. Lovely words 😊 We had an encounter with ducks recently (I wrote about them in Ducks Crossing), they literally made us stop, be still and take notice. Love it when Nature reveals itself unexpectedly. Have a relaxing weekend, Carol 💜

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    1. Thank you for sharing the lovely feelings and images geese inspire, Andrea. I love to watch as listen as they begin to prepare for the long journey ahead. They are powerful teachers. It seems early this year, though, and it makes me wonder what they sense.

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    1. Such important observations, USF Man. Geese are wise teachers. I’ve been heartened to see how these lessons have been echoed by many of the people who have stepped forward to help others during the floods of south Texas.


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