Stewardship Anyway

Carol A. Hand

Ageist messages that I’m too old
at 70 to do simple chores
sometimes makes me hesitant to try
But my courageous daughter inspires me
and a funny thing happens when I do try


A Mini-maple gutter garden – July 2017


I realize with the right tools
like my “new” $20 8-foot ladder
from Habitat for Humanity’s “Restore”
I can clear the gutters of
sprouting baby maple trees



With my little green garden wagon,
work boots and heavy-duty gloves
I’m not too frail to haul and carry
landscaping blocks to upgrade gardens
and prevent continuing erosion


July 30, 2017


I’m not ashamed to sweat buckets
in my raggedy work clothes
doing honest manual labor
It’s a gift and a privilege
to take care of what I can


July 30, 2017


Privilege requires responsible stewardship
regardless of what others do and think
with simple tools to extend our reach
and help us carry heavy loads
‘though the efforts are always a work in progress
it’s important to keep shouldering what we can


July 30, 2017


45 thoughts on “Stewardship Anyway

  1. And you will always be a master at providing inspiration, Carol. I’m still around but have lagged on keeping up with my blog (and many other things for that matter!) since my book finally got published (Amazon: and B&N:! The book has been selling well enough so far and after a few hefty bumps along the way, I now also have books on hand for signings, etc. Now the bigger push to publicize this case and get the five men out of prison begins! Be well, my friend.

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    1. Joan, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you! Congratulations on your book and new blog site! I look forward to learning more about the next steps in your hero’s journey. 🙂


  2. I have just spent a weekend in beautiful Yorkshire with a relative who is 72. He is a fine woodwork craftsman and has almost finished completely refurbishing his entire back to back in Leeds. Gorgeous floors and varnished cupboards everywhere, It is beautiful and you are never too old for honest labour Carol! xxx

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  3. So true and for me too at 27. ‘Privilege requires responsible stewardship’. Perfectly written. A note I will carry in my heart for always. Such a pleasure to sit with your work and ponder. Thank you.

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  4. With the right tools and effort even the seemingly most difficult job can still be
    accomplished at our age. ( I’m 69)
    Just please be careful when you are doing any ladder work Carol. The trick is good shoes.
    (you probably already know that)

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    1. It’s always a gift to hear from you, Eddie. 🙂 I appreciate the advice – ladders do scare me a bit, but the “new” one has wooden steps instead of slippery aluminum rungs and is far safer for my heavy work boots. 🙂

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