Patience Please

Carol A. Hand

Here I am, ‘though bleary eyed
after editing all day
I’d like to answer comments
but I’ve little else left to say

Two hundred pages done
Two hundred more to go
Some days the work seems easier
but progress is still so slow

Please forgive me for my late replies
and less frequent visits to your blogs
I just need time to rest weary eyes
while pondering nature’s beauty


Columbine – June 2017


and taking pictures of little dogs


Pinto – June 2017















Sending my best wishes to all and sincere gratitude for your patience.


30 thoughts on “Patience Please

Add yours

      1. Thank YOU Carol. But please, the blogs will remain here for a long time, take a rest and they will wait for you to feel more rested!! Thank you!

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  1. I will consider this an Eid ul Fitr gift from you dear Carol and also take the opportunity to wish you a happy and blessed Eid Mubarak 🙂
    Pinto takes my breathe away, what a bundle of joy!!!! ❤❤❤

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful advice, Diana. It is very slow, but I passed the half-way point. The downside, though – I’m now on the roughest part of the manuscript with so many corrections and editorial decisions to make… 🙂

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