Reflections – Early June, 2017

Carol A. Hand

A cool morning breeze
touches my feverish forehead
while I watch the dawning
struggling to breathe

What is important in this moment?
Loving thoughts of the next generation
Gratitude for healers and visionaries
who stand together in solidarity for the earth

While I’m here, that knowledge is enough
Healing will come this time or not
There’s no time to waste worrying


Early afternoon layers of clouds rolling in
Lines of school buses leave the elementary school
signaling the beginning of summer vacation
My heart feels heavy as I wonder
what the next school year will bring
as politicians quickly dismantle hope

The cost of war and tax cuts for the rich
leaves the future for children precarious
without safe affordable housing, education, nutrition,
without adequate income, access to health care,
without assurance of clean air to breathe, safe water to drink
Will they have a chance to know joy rather than slavery?

All I can do today that feels real
is plant and water gardens,
feeling light energy flowing through me
a mixture of deep sorrow and certainty
that sowing love in all our actions
rather than fighting is the wiser choice

Squash Garden – June 2017


The moon offers her comforting light
Signaling that it’s time to rest
despite so many tasks incomplete
New responsibilities begin tomorrow
to preserve and share the healing work
of a wise and gifted Ojibwe elder

Early June, 2017


19 thoughts on “Reflections – Early June, 2017

  1. Carol, first, I hope you feel better soon! I was concerned that you were ill. Take care!!

    I’m afraid that not only will the young face all that you have described here, but they will also have to fight the fight that we have run away from so far. This world system, unfortunately, only knows violence, death and destruction, and so it will have to be overcome and destroyed in that same manner.

    And we have done a horrible job of preparing the young for such a task. Many of the young cannot even take criticism or an insult without falling apart. I can’t imagine what “life” will be like in another half century, with the weaklings this system has created.

    Maybe its my age and all that goes with it, Carol. Perhaps, this will all just go away at some point and everyone and everything will be okay? Don’t know! Let’s hope so.

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    1. Dear Dave, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. There are days when I swear I’ve awoken in an alternate dystopian reality. Still, I find solace from moments of peace and beauty, friends like you, family, and constructive work to do. My heart tells me kindness in times like these matters more than ever and I’m deeply grateful for your kind words. ❤

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  2. Though you wrote of concerns about the world, your words created a peaceful rhythm as I read them and in the end offered up all that any of us can do, just face one day at a time and do whatever it is we feel called to do. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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  3. cooling evenings, with relaxed moments
    of moonbeams & healing dawn’s potential
    to you, Carol!
    this caring is what will continue
    you & those countless generations
    of Ojibwe elders 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the wonderful poem(s), Carol. Your words buoy my spirit, and I’m most grateful for that. When it appears that the sinister hold all the cards and that half the deck consists of wildcard jokers, your poetry encourages us to keep our heels dug in against so many affronts and dirty deals.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Bill, and for your kind, encouraging words. I do my best to observe and celebrate ordinary beauty and kindness. There’s already too much fear, anger, and divisiveness in the world these days… ❤

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