Ah, Choices

Carol A. Hand

So much gardening to do but so much to say

on this lovely last day in the month of May

Editing felt like the honorable choice

fulfilling a promise to give others a voice

Their suffering and resilience through the ages

shared in stories with love on manuscript pages

Today I chose to plant seeds in a different fashion

with hopes they will blossom into compassion


Crabapple Tree – May 2017


16 thoughts on “Ah, Choices

  1. Hi Carol, wonderful verse! It is difficult to stay focused when the sun is shining and so much is blooming. You choose to help others with your gift, I know this personally and thank you. Everything will grow in the garden, with or without us. It just will grow differently. Don’t deny yourself. It does the soul good. It is thunder and lightning here. That only happens when the cool and hot collide. Take care. Bob

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    1. Dear Bob, Thank you so much for your thoughtful, lovely comments. I hope to spend tomorrow and Friday in the garden before the rains come again on the weekend. I think your weather is headed our way. I have landscaping blocks, compost, and soil to move before it rains so I can plant. The plants I grew from seeds are still rather small, and the nights have been too cold for them to survive outside any way. But you are right. I have plenty of unintentional plants growing everywhere now. Best wishes to you. I look forward to seeing the photos and signs from your exciting project. ❤


  2. Lovely poem. We too have been planting in between the showers, I love this time of year when the garden has woken up and looks so bright and welcoming. It is lovely to sit out and watch the birds with their young. Post with photos scheduled for next week 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments, Chris. It’s good to hear that you have had time to plant and enjoy nature, and even take photos! I look forward to seeing them. 🙂

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