Finally Spring Snippets

Carol A. Hand

May 2017


After waiting patiently through summer, fall, and snow

a mystery of the willow is finally revealed


Willow – Female Catkin – May 2017


Catkins bloom on swaying branches as gentle breezes blow

answering my question about gender, an enigma unsealed


Beloved Willow – May 2017


now that the eagerly anticipated spring has belatedly begun

she reaches gracefully toward the morning sun


May 2017


A lone tulip emerges amid the ferns during these warming days

her petals open oh so slightly – a response to my loving gaze?


May 2017


Ah what is that sweet gentle scent I’ve not noticed in the past

Bleeding hearts are nodding to unveil their spring gifts at last


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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Peter. I’m glad you discovered bleeding hearts. They’re one of the first things to bloom here and grow despite the ever-changing weather. (I wonder if they sense a kindred spirit?)

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