Time Travel?

Carol A. Hand

One moment, I’m reliving memories of the past, driving through a snowstorm on an October night.

After eating, I go to the small gas station next door to ask directions to the address Ward Wright gave me for tonight’s interview.

By the time I leave my motel, it’s dark, windy, and snowy. As I try to find the roadway beneath the blowing snow, I realize how anxious I’m feeling about going to a stranger’s house alone. I drive along the blustery west-shore road that hugs the lake, trying to find the address Ward gave me through the foggy car windows. Finally, I notice a house on a hill with a wall of lighted windows on the west side of the road. I turn into the steep driveway hoping I’ve arrived at the right place.

As I approach the house through swirling snow, buffeted myself by the strong winds, I see a tall, lean man through the walls of glass. He motions to me, pointing to a door on the back porch. I enter and walk through the porch into the brightly lit kitchen. I introduce myself to the self-assured handsome man in his mid-50’s who greets me. He has the aristocratic demeanor of someone accustomed to being in charge. I’m surprised when he asks me where I would like to sit. I wonder if this is a test to find out something about the strange woman who has shown up on his doorstep.

“We should sit wherever you feel most comfortable,” I reply….

The next moment, I look up from my computer and gaze out the living room window at the sunny April landscape. I take a few sips of cold coffee and peek out the kitchen window as I gently part the curtain. I’m grateful to see that the little mother bird is back in her nest to feed her babies.

Shared housing – April 27, 2017

I disturbed her yesterday when I opened the curtain and tried to take her picture, so I won’t try again. You’ll have to trust my words. A bird family really does live in this creative repurposed nest abandoned by the wasps that called it home last summer.


Creative repurposing

Satisfied, I return to the past.

The wind grows stronger as we speak, propelling snow against the windows. The lights begin to flicker and I realize that I’m very cold – more from fatigue than from the room temperature. It seems wise to end our meeting. It’s late, after 9 p.m., and the weather is deteriorating. I thank Ward and we say our goodbyes.

As I drive through the blowing snow, gripping the steering wheel tightly, I think about the interview. It was intense and I often felt uncomfortable…. 


29 thoughts on “Time Travel?

  1. WOW!! This is the most powerful and amazing thing! Can you possibly write more of this? Forgetting social work for a moment, this shows why you chose it in the first place, and this is what makes some social workers wonderful.

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  2. Oh my goodness Carol! This drew me in and I was immersed into the scene. So wonderful how you do that and my what interesting creatures and so smart to repurpose a well built nesting space!

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  3. Love the juxtaposition of past and present, Carol! As writers, we do a lot of time travel 🙂 When our journey into the past brings new light into the present, we can move forward into the future with more assuredness. We can even find a new home in a place once abandoned by its former tenants 🙂

    By the way, I look forward to reading your book when its published.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, A Shift in Consciousness. I apologize for the delayed reply. I’ve been dealing with serious computer issues recently that kept me off-line and made editing, teaching the online portion of a class, and blogging challenging. 🙂

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  4. That was very brave of you! I do similar time travels at times and wonder how I was able to do what I did. I hope the mother bird and the babies are doing well. Warm greetings.

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    1. Dear Helen, thank you for your always thoughtful, lovely comments. I have to admit that I stopped pulling back the curtain to peak because I didn’t want to disturb the bird family. I hope they survive cats and crows and other life challenges. But I’m grateful that they had a creative, safe home in the early spring. 🙂


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